• Healthcare Cleaning and a Career in Saving Lives

    At some point in everyone’s life, 99% of us have some reason to visit a hospital. For most, it’s a visit to the emergency room for a cold that has become a little something more, or a broken toe, or a bug bite. For an unfortunate few, it’s a little more serious. For everyone, though, the smell of disinfectant in the air reassures us that we are in a clean environment. Healthcare cleaning in a hospital or a medical facility has additional criteria that need to be met, above the normal cleaning and sanitizing done in an office or a school. Keeping bacteria at bay and maintaining safe levels is crucial. People recuperating from surgery or illness are in a weakened condition and susceptible to secondary infection caused by environmental bacteria. For them, such a situation could quickly develop into something life threatening. Germicidals used in healthcare cleaning kill most surface bacteria. However, bacteria can travel on dust particles, and cleaning procedures must prevent scattering.

    A career in commercial healthcare cleaning can be richly rewarding, knowing you’re contributing to the health and well being of all who visit the facility. Follow best cleaning practices and not only will your business thrive, you’ll be doing a job you can be proud of.


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