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Jani-King Makes MLB Playoff Appearances


Major League Baseball’s post-season has been full of excitement and energy both on the field and in the stadiums.  For the Detroit Tigers and Texas Rangers, two organizations that are partners with Jani-King, the American League Championship Series (ALCS) between the two clubs created opportunities for both sides. 

For the front offices of both teams, the playoff appearances meant additional ticket sales, extra concession sales and more revenue from city-wide merchandise sales, all having a positive impact on their bottom line.  Another benefit for both organizations was the opportunity to give their fans a memorable experience while at the games.  Whether their team won or lost, fans at both ballparks, were treated to great baseball in great stadiums. 

Contributing to that winning experience was Jani-King, the leader in stadium cleaning services.  For the King of Clean, October was a busy month as franchise owners put in extra effort to ensure a clean stadium and greater fan experience during the American League Division Series (ALDS), ALCS and World Series.

At Comerica Park in Detroit, Jani-King franchisees swung for the fences and were rewarded with praise from executives within the Tigers organization.  “Jani-King went above and beyond to make the ALDS and ALCS a success for the Park Operations department,” said Brian Skipinski, Director of Park Operations for the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park.

"During the regular season we use anywhere from 100-110 people for post-game clean-up,” said Endri Caraj, Operations Manager for Jani-King of Detroit. “For the ALCS series we utilized 130 people after each game. One of the challenges we faced was the timing because the fans stayed much longer after the game. There were a lot of media and the stadium officials had a special area allocated just for them. We had to pay extra attention to that area and be careful while working around the media equipment."


In Texas, Jani-King of Fort Worth stepped up to the plate and delivered winning services throughout three consecutive playoff series including the World Series.  With the Texas Rangers hosting the Tampa Bay Rays in the ALCS, Detroit Tigers for the ALCS pennant and finally the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series, Jani-King of Fort Worth franchisees were able to showcase their talents and generate additional revenue from the extra games.

According to Paul Simmang, Regional Director for Jani-King of Fort Worth, the Rangers 2010 World Series appearance helped in being prepared for this year’s post-season. “Last year was a great introduction as far as what we could expect during the playoffs,” said Simmang.  This year, we were again prepared but the overall management of the cleaning seemed to be much easier since we knew what was in front of us.”

Fans at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington also benefited by enjoying their second World Series appearance in as many years in clean surroundings, including all restrooms and suites.  Rangers Ballpark is widely recognized as one of the finest ballparks in the nation and Jani-King commercial cleaning services once again came through in the clutch.


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"As the supervisor of the suite and club levels I am so grateful for the work that Jani-King does because it makes everything much more organized on game day. I never have to worry about problems with cleaning as the Jani-King staff is on site to take care of all of these issues throughout the game."

- Jessica Summers
University of Oklahoma
Director of Special Events and Suite Operations