What can you clean with a Commercial Cleaning Franchise?

That’s a great question! When someone says “I own a commercial cleaning franchise.” Do you wonder to yourself what kind of cleaning they do? Well here are just a few different places that a commercial cleaning company could manage.

  • Stadiums
    • Stadium cleaning is a daunting task for anyone. A commercial cleaning franchise is no exception; it takes a well-trained and dedicated team of professionals to tackle a stadium or arena that seats thousands of unruly fans who disperse their debris everywhere!
  • Hotels
    • Hotel cleaning is among the most important job of any hotel. Without clean rooms and a clean appearance, no one is going to want to stay at that hotel. A commercial cleaning franchise can easily work out details with hotel managers to add a supplemental cleaning regime to any hotel cleaning staff
  • Concert venues
    • Have you ever noticed the floor as you are leaving a concert? It is full of trash, debris, spills, gum, and anything else that you normally find at a concert. It’s the perfect place for a commercial cleaning franchise to operate.
  • Office buildings
    • Offices may look clean on the surface, but they tend to harbor billions of germs living on desks, in keyboards, on the door handle, and in the bathroom. Having a professional cleaning franchise will help to eliminate sickness in the workplace and have your employees working more days out of the year and thus producing more money for the company! Everybody wins!
  • Hospitals
    • Hospitals are a very serious area to clean. Almost 100,000 people die every year from healthcare associated infections. A great cleaning crew can help to reduce this number significantly. Staying up to date with the best practices in the industry and not cutting corners is going to save lives in this field.