Avenues of Opportunity in an Uncertain Economy

Jani-King Franchising

Over the past few years, the economic environment here in the U.S. has been viewed as uncertain at best, with unemployment levels, education costs, and the cost of living being increasing prevalent factors in the lives of the everyday American. Even those who have overcome the job-search struggle may find themselves unhappy with the tireless climb of the corporate ladder and its ever-increasing difficulty. Hard-working professionals who dream of the personal and financial freedom of entrepreneurship have become disheartened by the declining state of American business.

There’s good news still to come however, as unique niche industries have grown through this mess to solidify themselves as considerable players in our economic marketplace. International consulting and research firm Kline & Company has recently released a new market analysis that sheds light on the highest growing markets in today’s economy: medical/health care facilities and fast-casual restaurants.

Medical and health care facilities like assisted living centers, nursing homes, hospitals and similar businesses see continued growth even in unstable economic times as the need for a safe and healthy population is always of upmost importance. The new surge of ‘fast-casual’ restaurants like Panera and Chipotle have created an innovative new dining experience that is becoming immensely popular amongst consumers.

You might be wondering where this all fits in to your entrepreneurial dreams, since hospitals are an unrealistically expensive operation to run and since restaurants experience some of the quickest ups and downs in consumer trends. There’s a silent player that functions behind all these businesses and more – the commercial cleaning service franchise.

A cleaning service franchise with a respected industry leader like Jani-King offers you the opportunity to capitalize on the nearly $4 billion industry that the top-three segments of the janitorial and cleaning products market represent. While individuals stores and businesses may open and falter, a cleaning service franchise always remains in demand as virtually every operation is in need of a safe, clean, and sanitary environment.

Choosing a cleaning service franchise is a great way to kick start your dreams of small-business management by offering a proven business model and reliable brand image to use as your foundation, and the possibilities from there are virtually endless. From hospitality, to medical care, restaurants, offices and more, a cleaning service franchise is the perfect opportunity to tailor your entrepreneurial experience to your unique goals and aspirations. Learn more about how you can capitalize on the booming markets of today’s economy by visiting us online today!

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