A Bank Cleaning Business Is a Great Investment

Starting a bank cleaning business requires time and an investment. A monetary investment to be sure, but also an investment of passion for the work and an investment in creativity—getting the word out about this wonderful new business.

Use Best Cleaning Practices

When cleaning furniture and equipment, use a non-abrasive disinfectant to wipe down computers, CPUs, mouse pads, keyboards, printers, copies, and scanners. Polish desks and countertops and dust chairs and cubicle partitions. Use antibacterial disinfectant to clean phones, door handles and light switches to kill germs in high-traffic areas. Gather and empty the trash and replace trash can liners. Remember to use best practices when starting a bank cleaning business.

Vacuum Carpets the Right Way

Before vacuuming, make sure the vacuum is in good shape. If the bag or canister is full, replace or empty it. Makes sure filters are clean and that all the attachments are at hand. Be careful not to vacuum over the cord. Using specific attachments, vacuum the blinds and other window treatments.

Start at the perimeter of the room and work toward the middle. Check the bag or canister often and keep clean so you have appropriate suction power to clean with. In the case of area rugs, work from the middle out, and then pick up the edges of the rug and vacuum underneath.

The Power of Beautiful Floors

For ceramic tile, sweep, and then use a micro-fiber mop and not a sponge mop to wash the floor. Sponge mops only grind dirt into grout. For hardwood floors, use boiling water and two tea bags. The tonic acid in the tea creates a beautiful shine on hardwood floors. In the case of vinyl floors, use a commercial cleaner specific for vinyl floors to safeguard the reputation of the bank cleaning business.

And when starting a bank cleaning business, consider a Jani-King franchise. Jani-King is the industry leader in commercial and janitorial cleaning services. Its franchisees enjoy unequaled support in starting a cleaning business which includes helping to secure clients and perfecting best cleaning practices. Jani-King is the world’s largest commercial cleaning franchise company with more than 12,000 franchises in 15 different countries.