Celebrating National Service This Memorial Day With Quality Customer Satisfaction

On the last Monday of every May, America pays its respects to those who have lost their lives while serving our country in an annual federal holiday known as Memorial Day. Memorial Day is an important time to remember and recognize the honorable bravery of the men and women who have died in military service.

American households celebrate Memorial Day in a variety of different ways from public speaker presentations to community events to neighborhood parades and more. Memorial Day also marks the coming of summer for many regions, making it the perfect opportunity to celebrate our American freedoms with family and friends outdoors and all throughout our local communities.

Make national celebrations like these even more special for our service men and women by ensuring that the facilities in your town are well-prepared for the influx of business that this holiday and the coming summer weather will bring. A professional commercial cleaning service can help to sanitize, disinfect, and manage the overall cleanliness and comfort of the restaurants, hotels, and shopping malls that families and loved ones will frequent over the holiday weekend and summer season.

Industry leaders like Jani-King specialize in commercial services from restaurant cleaning, to stadium cleaning and more – with superior quality customer satisfaction so that every celebration you make this summer can be enjoyed by all in a clean and pristine environment.

Jani-King honors our military service personnel throughout the year by working with leading initiatives such as Vet-Fran, offering discounts and incentives to veterans interested in owning a franchise, but Memorial Day stands out as the perfect opportunity to show our gratitude to military service personnel. So this Memorial Day, we send our special thanks to the men and women of our country that have given their lives to help protect our values and freedom.

Thank you, veterans!