Customer Service Wins Customer Back

It’s a familiar theme; treat your customer’s great and your business will grow. Jani-King’s Crown Club winners know what it takes to be successful in the commercial cleaning business. They understand that by retaining current customers, they can grow their business with each new account they sign. But what happens when you do everything right and the customer cancels service because they received a lower bid?
For Savino and Mirka Melluzzo, this month’s Crown Club winners from Hartford, the answer was simple. Stay in touch with the customer and be ready to take back the account when the lower bidding company fails.
And that’s exactly what they did.
“Don’t give up and remain persistent,” said Savino Melluza. “Clients are your bread and butter and your future. Without them, you have no business so we need to make them feel value with the service we provide all the time.”
For many customers, the lure of a lower bid can be appealing initially, but when they don’t receive the same level of service delivered by trained and dedicated Jani-King franchisees, the customers will soon regret their decision.
Savino and Mirka purchased their franchise in 1995 and have grown their business so much that they now employ more than 100 workers to clean accounts. While that may sound like a lot to manage, the couple is proud of the rewards of their hard work and have plans to double the size of their business.
“At the end of the day, knowing everything you accomplished, all the hard work and stress, you know that you did it to help yourself and your family,” said Savino. “You have the power of the Jani-King brand supporting you and helping you to get more accounts. Also, the assistance from the Hartford office staff is great. They make it so much easier to be successful.”