The benefits of being your own boss

As you would probably guess, being your own boss can be a bit overwhelming at times. With all  the responsibility resting on your shoulders, you might find yourself being pulled in multiple directions with few too hours in the day to make it all happen. You will have to make tough decisions, do difficult things, and step out of your comfort zone, but these are the things that happen when you decide to run your own business.

If you can handle the difficulties of running your own business, the benefits you will have are limitless. Here is a short list:

You make the rules If there is a business process you don’t like, you have the authority to change it. Has a vendor made you unhappy, you can fire them. Do you like starting the workday early and ending it early, you can do it!

What you put into it you get out of it – Sure, you can pound the pavement 24/7 but that may not be your dream. Maybe you’re only looking to supplement your income and take things slowly, it’s your business.

No limits You can aim as high as you like or maintain a level of business that allows you more personal freedom, whatever you wish.

You create your own hours, but may be a lot of them at first – Starting this business isn’t a game, you’ll need to work hard to be successful, but in time you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor and have the flexibility to maintain your hours as you see fit.

You cannot get laid off or fired You are the business, so the only worry you have is the business failing.

Make money doing something you love – Everyone wishes they were doing something they loved as a career and since you are running the show you get to do the things that make you happy!

Create a company that is based on YOUR values – Whether you base value on integrity, hard work, religion, patriotism, family or health, you decide the direction of your company.

Money making potential higher while being the boss – You own the business and as it grows as does the potential to make money. You don’t wait for a yearly raise, you can choose to take the earnings and do with them as you please.

Create your own working environment – Do you like working in an office with the door closed, in a wide open space, in your car, whatever makes you comfortable you can do, you make the rules.

You learn to multi-task and handle different aspects of running a business – You may not be an accountant or into computers, but when you are starting your company you have the opportunity to better understand those parts of the business and make sound decisions concerning them, you’ll be continuously learning business practices that you never knew existed.

You can get tax advantages – If you organize your finances properly you may have certain situations that are more advantageous to a business owner. Even further, credit card companies give you points for using their cards, which lead to some great perks as well.