Franchisee Succeeds with Perseverance

The latest account for Jani-King of Orlando franchisee Fahem Alam may have been the result of his persistence, but his overall success with Jani-King comes from a great attitude and willingness to do whatever is asked by the customer.
“My philosophy with all of my customers is very simple,” said Alam. “I just say, no problem sir, I’ll take care of it”.
It’s that kind of attitude that has built Alam’s business to include more than 100 customers. The latest of which is a large fitness center in the same area as other customers.
“I’ve had a relationship with the contact person for years but there was another company providing services and the customer was happy with them,” said Alam. “I would stop by to speak with the contact from time to time and as I noticed the service declining, I increased the frequency in which I would talk with the contact. After four years of relationship building and with help from the regional office, I was fortunate enough to earn the contract. The kicker is that the owner of the previous cleaning company still works out there and now he has to see my Day Porter with her Jani-King shirt every time he enters the building. Go Jani-King!”
Alam says that the regional office not only plays a big role in his current success, but it was their passion for the Jani-King program that convinced him to initially invest in a franchise.
“During my first meeting with the Regional Director, John Anderson, his enthusiasm for Jani-King and his belief that I can grow my franchise as large as I wanted helped in my decision. The Orlando regional office and operations team have supported me at all hours of the night and the sales team offers profitable and wonderful accounts.”
Alam goes on to say that he loves the freedom owning a franchise gives him and that he hopes to help his workers achieve their goals. “Even with over 100 customers, being in business for myself has allowed me the time I always wanted to spend with my four children and my beautiful wife, Patricia. I love the system and the opportunities it provides me. I think someday I would really like to see some of my employees who have helped me build my business buy their own franchise. I would help mentor them so their dreams of being a successful Jani-King franchisee come true.”