Home Based Franchise

In this day and age where layoffs are frequent and job offers nearly non-existent, many people are taking their economic life in their hands and starting their own home based franchise. The leap can be inspiring and definitely freeing. Everyone has thought about being their own boss, and the prospect of being able to run your franchise from home seals the deal for many aspiring entrepreneurs. Clients replace bosses, and the mandatory Monday morning meeting becomes a guilt-free trip to watch your daughter graduate Kindergarten because, well, you can.

Jani-King has helped thousands of franchisees world-wide turn home based franchises into commercial cleaning success stories. Jani-King offers state of the art training, ongoing support, the latest technology and dynamic marketing to their thousands of franchisees; and best of all Jani-King’s home based franchise opportunities allow you to maintain the independence of owning their own business while receiving professional support and advice, the best of both worlds.

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