Starting a Business: Cleaning Franchise or Startup?

So you’ve decided to ditch the nine-to-five work days, and your former boss, too. You’ve chosen to start your own business. Because of the promising outlook on the commercial cleaning industry and its projected continued growth, you’ve decided to join in the progression. Now it’s time to decide whether to start a cleaning franchise or start your own company. There are pros and cons to both options, and it’s important to explore them in order to make the right choice for your future.

Starting Your Own Company
A feeling of power comes with being independent—not having to answer to anyone but yourself, and the freedom to make your own decisions. This is what attracts many entrepreneurs to starting their own company. Knowing that everything you’re doing is 100% yours can be very rewarding; and though being on your own often requires more of an investment, one of the most popular reasons for starting a business is the perception of not paying another company in order to do so.

On the other hand, studies show new business ventures are more likely to falter than franchises are. Without support, a brand, and an established plan, startups struggle to gain legitimacy. Extra costs are needed to outsource elements of a business that for franchisees, have already been in place. Also, doing everything on your own means when things go awry, you deal with them on your own.

Launching a Cleaning Franchise
One of the biggest advantages to starting a cleaning franchise is that you’re joining in on something that has already been proven to be successful—if you choose to partner with the right company. Everything from a business plan to marketing to equipment is in place. Most importantly, the brand itself has already been established and is hopefully recognized and trusted. Franchises also yield higher success rates than startups. After five years in operation, more than 90% of franchises continue to operate while less than 25% of privately owned companies stay in business.

The biggest perceived drawback to purchasing a franchise—royalties and other fees paid to the franchisor—is only true in some cases. Fees are paid to take part in a company and profiting from ideas that others have worked hard to execute. Most times, these fees are less than what would be paid when starting an independent company.

Starting your own business can be extremely rewarding and offer a new life for you and your family. Consider your options carefully. Jani-King has more than 12,000 operating franchises, and enthusiastically invites driven businesspeople to be a part of the cleaning franchise success.