Becoming a Leader when you Start a Cleaning Business

It all happens so fast. When you start a cleaning business, especially one with Jani-King, you immediately become a leader. You’ll lead yourself, since you’ve become your own boss, you’ll lead your employees, and you’ll lead your franchise through years of success. Leadership comes naturally to some, while others need to work at it. Becoming a great leader can be a great challenge, but with determination, anyone can develop the skills it takes to guide a business in the right direction.

In order to start a cleaning business, you’ll need a dedicated team behind you. Choose people who share the same values you and your company stand for, and who truly believe in the mission. Your team represents your brand, so make sure they are smart, committed and socially engaging. Perhaps just as important, you should believe in them too. It will help develop their confidence in both their own abilities and in what the company can do. That confidence will carry them through times that aren’t as bright.

Communication is a must if you want to start a cleaning business that thrives. Even with a small staff, clear and frequent communication isn’t easy, and takes extra time and effort. A respected leader knows what’s going on with his or her staff members, and keeping them in the loop will keep you in the loop, too. Take interest in their lives and their progress. Respect their opinions, and encourage them to ask questions and voice concerns. They can make your business better. Don’t assume that they understand where you want the company to go and what you expect from them. Remind team members of those visions and goals. Deliver good news more often than negativity, and give credit where credit is due. They’ll be inspired to continue performing well, and others will notice too.

Jani-King supports all franchisees with the training and support necessary to become a success. Leading others is a challenge you took on when you decided to start a cleaning business. Welcome that challenge with open arms, as it brings with it endless opportunities.