Hard Work Paves the Way

Seeing the success his uncle had with a Jani-King franchise helped Daniel Bustos make his decision to become a franchisee in Greensboro, NC in 2007. Now, it’s Bustos’ own efforts that have earned him the Crown Club title this month.
“The success that my uncle had as a franchise owner, the support of my family and the desire to have my own business were factors for me to invest in Jani-King,” said Bustos. “I see myself as a successful businessman and I want to see a business of my own continue to grow.”
Bustos began with just two employees and now has more than a dozen working for his franchise. He says that being able to manage his own time and getting support from the regional office are great benefits of his growing franchise.
“Working for myself allows me to make my own schedule. It allows me to have quality time with my wife and two sons. I have increased my income and I have been able to employ people in need of a job,” says Bustos. “The regional office staff has helped me from day one in finding new business. Also, the monthly inspections help me to keep up with all of my accounts and keep my clients happy. Everybody at the regional office is very knowledgeable and always ready to give advice.”
No matter how much support Bustos receives from the regional office, he also knows that he must deliver on the service side to keep his business growing. Bustos certainly understands what that includes.
“To keep a client happy, communication is the key,” said Bustos. “Communication with the customer and my response time when an issue arises or when they need additional work to be done are reasons why I’ve been successful. I also strongly believe that being efficient and effective are the best ways to accomplish any goals in life.”
Congratulations to Daniel Bustos, this month’s Crown Club Winner for Jani-King!