Hotel Cleaning, Heaven, and a Sparkling Bath

There are few things more indulgent, more luxurious in life than a night in a hotel room. For a minimum of twenty-four hours, you don’t have to cook, clean, make a bed, or attempt to find a missing sock in the dryer. Room service runs 24/7, concierge picks up and delivers your dry cleaning, and the first pay-per-view is complimentary. Still, all this pales when considering the most important room in the place, and subsequently the most important relationship your guest will have with your hotel cleaning service: the bath.

Hotel guests are enormously picky about the cleanliness of their hotel room bath. According to a national survey, nearly three-quarters of guests queried said they gauge how clean their room is by the cleanliness of the bathroom. Eighty-four percent of those queried inspect the bathroom within 15 seconds of stepping foot inside their room. Fifty-five percent check out the bathroom immediately upon entering. It’s safe to say that the state of the bath can make or break a guest’s experience. Your hotel cleaning service will have a lot to live up to.

When applying antibacterial cleaner, heating counter tops, tiles, sink, toilet, and tub by as little as 10 degrees above room temperature with hot water increases the effectiveness of cleansers two-fold. Fill sinks and tubs with two inches of the hottest water you can draw and let sit for a few minutes, then work from the top down, spreading cleaner around with an army of fresh, clean cloths. Finally, as a professional hotel cleaning service, clean the mirrors with a glass cleaner and wipe dry. As a final step, rinse, wipe, and dry the bathroom, including the floor.

Follow these simple but effective guidelines and your guests will want to shake the hand of those in your hotel cleaning service, but only after they’ve removed the rubber gloves.