Labor Day: A Day For Us All

Summer is coming to an end and children are heading back to school. And that means Labor Day is almost here. Often thought of as the last day to boat, barbeque or wear white, it’s considered the last day of summer. But the holiday means so much more. Previously known as the “workingman’s holiday,” Labor Day resulted from a labor movement that lead to President Grover Cleveland signing it into law as a national holiday to end the strike and thank workers of all industries with a day of rest and relaxation.

Hard working employees keep businesses reliable, respectable and successful. And we’d like to thank every one of them. Without reliable workers in other respective industries, their businesses wouldn’t exist—and neither would the need for Jani-King’s premier cleaning services. But this relationship is interdependent, as businesses couldn’t thrive working in conditions that were anything but the best. That is why the premier cleaning services from Jani-King franchise locations is critical to other businesses success, health and happiness of workers.

By building strong relationships between a variety of businesses and Jani-King franchise locations, we’ve earned more than dollars.  We’ve created a community that’s connected through the support and services each needs to keep working environments clean and safe.  Enjoy a day dedicated to us all and thank your workers for the hard work they do.