Low Cost Franchise

Jani-King Franchising

You’re tired of taking directions from your boss so you have decided you are ready to take your future in your own hands and start your own low cost franchise. Choosing a low cost franchise in an industry that will be around for many years to come is essential to your success. One such industry is the commercial cleaning industry, an industry that many economists have called recession-proof. Starting a franchise can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to owning a business. Your first question should be what type of company will work best for you and meet all of your needs?

Some questions that you should ask yourself when researching different franchises are: Do you trust in the company? If you don’t trust the company then it doesn’t matter how good their low cost franchise option is, you will never be able to put all of your faith in them. How long has the company in question been in business? What do the other franchise owners have to say about the company? Are there any reviews that you can find online? What type of training and support do they give their franchisees? Asking questions will help guide you in the direction of where you want to be and give you a clear picture of what type of franchise you want to own.

When you decide to enter into a low cost franchise with Jani-King you are joining 40 years of success, 12000 franchises, the first company to offer commercial cleaning franchises, and part of a $100 billion industry. So when deciding which company you would like to own a low cost franchise with, be sure you look at Jani-King.