Creating Partnerships of All Kinds

Focused on expanding their growth, Jani-King has taken their strong vendor-driven relationships to corporate partnerships. Partnering with more than 40 collegiate and professional sports teams and venues, Jani-King is dedicated to creating clean environments outside of corporate office spaces. Providing superior cleaning services unique to locations ranging from golf clubs and resorts to collegiate sports facilities and professional stadiums.

This expansion in services allows more established sport franchises to feel prepared before the season begins. With basketball season tipping off, Jani-King services are in full force. From offering specialized cleaning services to actively serving as a team sponsor, Jani-King wears multiple hats to ensure their partner, the Cleveland Cavaliers, feels prepared for another season of dedicated fans and crowded stadiums.

By being open to new environments and facilities, Jani-King has expanded their already proven business model into one with even more potential. Ultimately, this creates more opportunities for franchisees and businesses as they prepare for busy seasons—no matter where they may be.

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