Crown Club Winner Shines with Support

With over one million square feet of space to clean, this month’s Crown Club winner, Derek Bauer, is going to be as busy as he’s ever been. Fortunately, he’s well prepared and he has boundless support from the Kansas City regional office.
“For our newest account, we will provide all cleaning needs for all areas of the property including manufacturing, research and development, marketing, a warehouse, auditoriums, gymnasiums, cafeterias and of course offices,” said Bauer. “We also provide day porter services, carpet care and hard floor maintenance programs to this customer.”
There’s no doubt this is a large account and one that Bauer has been working hard to land for several months. According to Bauer, a lot of things had to be in place for them to get this account.
“We had some good luck, but it was also a combination of past exceptional service provided to the parties involved in this process and solid teamwork with the regional office,” said Bauer. “The support that my wife and I have received over the years from Debbie Sinopoli (Master Franchise Owner) has been invaluable.”
When he purchased the franchise in 2002, Bauer had only himself on the payroll. Now, his franchise employs 49 people. While it took some time to grow his business, Bauer knew that Jani-King was the right choice for him.
“In 2002, I did some research in Entrepreneur magazine and saw that Jani-King was ranked number one,” said Bauer. “To further evaluate the opportunity, my wife and I decided to visit the Dallas headquarters. We met with Mr. Jerry Crawford (CEO & President) and Mr. Mike Cavanaugh (Director of Franchisee Relations). We really liked what we saw and decided to invest. This has been by far our best business investment.”
In addition to having great confidence in the Jani-King system and support from a local regional office, Bauer says the biggest benefits to him are the freedom that his Jani-King franchise provides and the amount of quality time that he spends with his family.