Crown Club Winner Wins with Service

Over three long days, Charlotte franchisee Shelton Creamer and his crew proved that they were the right team for the job. And now, thanks to their hard work, what started as a one-time clean has quickly turned into a full-time account.
“An assisted living care facility in Charlotte was expanding and needed a large amount of carpet cleaned in just three days,” said Creamer. “We worked 18 hours a day to finish the project. The customer was so impressed that they contacted me personally wanting to continue business with Jani-King. Now, we provide day porters, carpet and floor care, and whatever else may be needed to keep their facility up to standards.”
According to Creamer, being committed to his customer’s every need is what has helped him to grow his Jani-King business over the years. Since purchasing his franchise in 2006, Creamer has steadily increased his business and his payroll, from one employee (himself) to 25 current employees.
“You have to be available to your customers,” exclaims Creamer. “Remember, everyone that has a broom and mop can have a cleaning service.”
What sets Creamer apart from everyone else is not only his own efforts, but the support he gets from the Jani-King regional office in Charlotte. “I have a great director of operations and a wonderful operations manager available to me. Without their support, I would not be able to accomplish all that I have.”