Hotel Cleaning, Hot Water Extraction and What Hides Beneath the Rug

Ask any entrepreneur and he’ll tell you there’s nothing like owning your own hotel cleaning business. The hours can be a little intense, as in any new business, but so can the rewards. Courting your own clients, setting your own hours, and feeling that certain sense of pride when you run into an old friend and tell them, yes, I own my own business; these things are priceless.

Cleaning situations like dusting and scrubbing counters are pretty self-explanatory but necessary for a hotel cleaning business. After all, most of us have been cleaning for years. However, one place you can separate yourself from the pack is in your knowledge of carpets.

There are three steps to maintaining clean, great looking carpets: vacuum frequently, clean up spills promptly, and once a year hire a professional carpet cleaning company that specializes in steam/hot water extraction to clean the carpets. Knowing this is the secret to having a successful hotel cleaning service.