Which Franchise Path is Right for You?

Most franchise companies offer two distinct types of franchise opportunities; a single Unit Franchise and a Master Franchise, otherwise known as a Development Franchise.  Choosing the right one not only comes down to your main objective but your decision will also likely be determined by price.  The cost difference between a Unit Franchise and a Master Franchise is significant, but so is the earning potential.

Jani-King’s Master Franchise option provides you with an opportunity to manage a multi-faceted business and support unit franchisees. We say multi-faceted because you’re investing in the exclusive rights to a territory, you’re opening an office and employing sales, operations and administrative support staff, and you’re also selling unit franchises. This is a professional opportunity for someone with business management experience and the desire open the only support office in your metropolitan area.

As a Master Franchise owner with Jani-King, you’ll sell unit franchises to individuals who want to start their own commercial cleaning business.  Backed by you and the Jani-King brand, those unit franchisees are the front-line for providing services and managing their staff.  The Master Franchise owner provides support in the form of operations assistance such as account inspections and training, new customer account sales and regular administrative duties including invoicing customers.

Jani-King’s master franchise owners are business pro’s that understand their objectives, build successful businesses for themselves, and genuinely care about the success of their unit franchisees.  This is not only an opportunity to create personal wealth, it’s an opportunity to help others achieve their dreams.

Jani-King has less than 40 Master Franchisees and more than 120 support offices. How is this possible?  Nearly all of our Master Franchisees have invested in multiple territories as they have grown their businesses. Some of our Master Franchisees have been in the Jani-King family for 20, 30 and even 40 years. This is truly a testament to their success and the potential of the Jani-King system.