Sound Advice from Crown Club Regular

Over the years, there have been several names that continue to appear at the top of the monthly Crown Club list. This month, we are proud to honor Rick Richards from the Austin region for his efforts in moving his name to the front once again.

According to Richards, the key is to follow the Jani-King program and deliver quality service, thus building your business through referrals.

“The latest accounts have been the result of referrals. They are by far the easiest sales you will ever make,” says Richards. “Jani- King’s system is a proven concept, you just have to follow it. I have had the great fortune of having partnered with the Austin regional office for over 16 years. I cannot imagine a better recipe for success. I am very fortunate to have Dennis and Christine as regional office owners. They are invariably helpful, fair and generous with their time and knowledge. They are genuinely interested in their franchise owner’s individual success. I also run everything by Valerie Stephens, the head of operations, for her sound judgement and valued advice. The entire operations department is an asset that all franchise owners should utilize. They have helped me on numerous occasions and are always willing to go the extra mile. I have also worked with Michael Noe head of sales for over 16 years. Anytime I need help with bidding or hourly estimates I know who to ask. His in depth knowledge of the commercial cleaning industry makes him an invaluable resource.”
It’s not just the support of the regional office that helps Richards to be successful. His own efforts and attention to customer satisfaction has allowed him to grow his business to great heights.

“Consistent customer service and superior quality control through inspections is critical,” says Richards. “You do not want the client to be your inspector. I take pride in my work and establish relationships with clients. Being proactive to minimize issues and being proactive when they do arise is also important to long-term success.”