Raleigh Durham Commercial Cleaning Franchisee wins Crown Club

For Jim Ridout, the Crown Club winning franchisee from Raleigh-Durham, NC, providing quality service is paramount to his success in growing his business. It’s what keeps his franchise on top and also top-of-mind when customers come calling for service.

“My latest account is a pharmaceutical plant located in Raleigh, North Carolina that we had previously serviced for years,” said Ridout. “We lost the account a few years back due to the previous company’s corporate office wanting to use the janitorial company that was servicing their other locations in other states. But I stayed close with the local management team by emailing, texting, and stopping by their offices. Then, while dropping off a box of cookies during Christmas of 2015, my contact told me the company was bought out and wanted us back. Throughout 2016 we worked on getting back in with the facility. When I was asked to do a side project for them in November to ready them for an important inspection we put on the ‘wow’ and signed the account two weeks later.”
Since May of 2001, Ridout has taken his franchise to great heights, starting by himself to now employing 32 workers. He credits Jani-King’s concept and support structure for convincing him to invest and he still relies on that support today.

“Having the local regional office for support is huge,” said Ridout. “I benefit from the training materials, hands-on support, the accounting department, operations department and more. We’re backed by the biggest and best cleaning company out there. Sometimes just knowing you have the regional office close by is the biggest benefit of all.”

According to Ridout, he plans to continue to work and grow his business with great service, because that’s what keeps customers coming back.

“Our clients go through cycles of wanting quality, and then it’s all about price, then back to quality. I’ve learned that if I keep providing quality and price myself so I can provide quality work it will all work out in the end. I also surround myself with good people.”