This Franchise Owner Shines with Pride

Life can certainly throw some challenges at you throughout all stages of your life. For this month’s Crown Club winner, Simon Tikue from Washington, DC, those challenges came early on as a teenager, but he didn’t let it stop him from becoming a business owner.

“I was homeless when I was 17 years old,” said Tikue. “But 15 years later, I’m a business owner and able to work for myself. I have a strong work ethic, great personality and respect for others. Those attributes combined with communication skills, integrity and loyalty are the qualities that will make me successful.”

Prior to purchasing his Jani-King franchise just this year, Tikue had solid experience in the cleaning industry. “I was taking on smaller accounts while working,” said Tikue. “Once I found out that Jani-King could provide support and help me maximize my business, I made the decision to invest and join the team.”

According to Tikue, the advantages of business ownership and the support of the local Jani-King regional office in Washington, DC are guiding him to grow his business. “Being a business owner means being able to make decisions and care about the business because it’s your own business. It makes you hungry for success. I also believe that the Jani-King regional office makes it easy for franchise owners. They help with contracts and are a resource for different businesses around the area. You can rely on them to help.”

Tikue’s work ethic and pride of being a business owner will carry him far with Jani-King. He knows what it takes to build his business and has a great attitude toward customer service. “Customers are the reason why we are all in this business. I believe in satisfying my customers 100% because I know that’s the way I can grow my business.”