How to Convince Your Office Manager Your Company Needs Better Janitorial Services

talking to boss about a problem Donning your mask, you walk into your office in the morning to be greeted by yesterday’s trash, a filthy microwave, dirty floors, and gross bathrooms. You, and likely most of your peers in the office, are already talking about it at the water cooler, but your office manager is clueless to the office dirt. So how do you approach the manager and tell them that the office is not only a mess, it’s unhealthy in a Covid-19 working environment.

Part of the job description for many office managers is “to be responsible for the general operation of the office.” If the office is a disgusting mess and people are getting sick, the office isn’t operating normally. We wouldn’t recommend that you tell your office manager bluntly, but the problem needs to be addressed.

Here’s our first tip; cater to what the office manager really cares about, making their life easier. Instead of being confrontational, pay attention to what the office manager cares about. The more you understand what the office manager wants, the greater chance you’ll get what you want.

VIA E-mail

Our next recommendation is to send your office manager a simple and respectable email. The email could have a subject like, “Office Cleanliness.” Keep the body of the email direct, straight to the point and cater to how this request will make the office manager’s job easier. Like this: 

“I’ve noticed that the office hasn’t been as clean as it used to be and it’s causing concern among employees. If we could look into hiring a professional commercial cleaning service, they will ensure that the office is clean and disinfected, keeping us all healthier and working. I realize there is a cost associated with this but losing valuable employees to sickness would cost much more. Also, a clean office can boost morale and stop the gossip about the floors and restroom being dirty.”

If you have a friendlier rapport with the office manager, add a few pictures or a video of the filthy workspaces, this will bring the problem closer to home for the office manager.


If an email isn’t your style, a face-to-face meeting is a great way to persuade your office manager. But you need to make it easy for them to say yes. Before your meeting, think out your proposal fully. Be clear with your objectives and understand all the pros and cons. Costs are usually a concern, have a response to costs. Obviously, ensure you are not argumentative, and that you have the best intentions of the company in mind, but BE CONFIDENT. Timing is important too, we’d recommend that you ask when the office manager is available, just don’t storm into their office.

Your cheat sheet: the pros of hiring a commercial cleaning service 

  1. Peace of mind
  2. Saves time and money
  3. Healthier environment
  4. Great first impressions

To help make your case, here is a more detail concerning the Four Benefits of Hiring Professional Office Cleaning Services.

If you follow these simple tips, we are certain you will make an impression on your office manager. You might get some pushback or further questions, or they may just ask you to start looking for commercial cleaners in your area, but your peers will know you went to bat for them and that will certainly make you a hero at the water cooler.