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Jani-King provides Expert Commercial Janitorial Services. Here’s Why;

Like any professional business, to be the best you’ve got to learn from the best. Take commercial cleaning for instance; lots of people may very well know how to service the account with a mop, broom and dustpan, but is that really the best solution for the customer?  It’s not the customer’s responsibility to know what equipment and chemicals to use, it’s the commercial cleaners.  Prove to them that you’re the expert and provide the customer value in how you clean and how you keep costs down. That’s true customer service.

So how does a customer know when they are receiving good value out of their janitorial services?  The perception of good service is easy to see, either the facility is visually clean at first glance or it’s not.  But value is in the unseen.  It’s saving the customer money by using state-of-the-art equipment. It’s communicating issues or concerns. It’s knowing how to clean correctly and efficiently, killing germs and helping to keep employees healthy.

I’m thrilled with how the carpet turned out! Thank you so much. The whole office has commented on a job well done. Thank you! Taylor Vermillion, SCPGA

Chemicals play a major role in providing good service. You can spray all sorts of chemicals all over the counter and windows and wipe it down with a rag, but that only increases the amount of time it takes to clean and increases product usage.  Whereas commercial cleaners who use microfiber towels clean more efficiently and use less chemical, which saves the customer money and the cleaning crew time.  Microfiber towels are magnets for dirt and dust, experts will have a full arsenal of microfiber towels and mops on their cleaning carts.

Another way to prove value to your customer is by taking care of your equipment.  When janitorial service companies take great care of their equipment, the equipment runs efficiently and does not need to be replaced as often. Again, this saves the customer money by reducing the amount of time needed to clean.  A vacuum that has properly working filters simply works more efficiently.  From common, every day equipment like vacuums to large floor equipment that’s used periodically to make hard floor surfaces shine, equipment that’s in great condition is the sure sign of someone that know their business and is taking good care of yours.

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So we’ve talked about chemicals and equipment, two of the most important items to commercial cleaners and their customers. Now let’s talk about the cleaner themselves.  After all, the chemicals and equipment are only as good as the person using them.

An expert commercial cleaner is trained, knowledgeable and understands that cleaning isn’t just about what the customers see, it’s also about how they feel.  Consider how Jani-King trains their franchisees on the proper use of chemicals because they know that chemicals can have an adverse effect on the health everyone who works in the building.  Also, adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions for dwell time, the amount of time a chemical needs to be on the surface to work properly and kill germs, is a critical step in getting surfaces clean and keeping employees healthy.  An expert commercial cleaner is trained in all aspects of cleaning, including reading and following labels.

Another commercial cleaning service that adds value for a customer is conducting inspections after the janitorial services are provided. This takes cleaning accountability to a whole new level. The job of inspecting a building for cleanliness is very important. It can make the difference in keeping or losing an account. We personally conduct all inspections and are thorough, fair and honest. After all, we would rather catch a problem before the customer does!

With over 120 regional support offices worldwide, Jani-King is the worlds leading commercial cleaning company and stops at nothing to deliver unrivaled janitorial services to the people who matter most in your business. We understand that your top priority is your customers and our franchisees will stop at nothing to provide top notch janitorial services.

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What kinds of cleaning do our office cleaning services include?
Here is a comprehensive list:

Nightly Cleaning Services

Offices and Lobby Cleaning

1. Empty all trash receptacles, replace liners, as needed, and remove trash to a collection point. (Client to furnish liners)
2. Vacuum carpeting. Jani-King will not be responsible for removal of staples from carpets.
3. Clean and polish drinking fountain/water cooler.
4. Thoroughly dust all horizontal surfaces, including desktops, files, windowsills, chairs, tables, pictures and all manner of furnishings.
5. Damp wipe all horizontal surfaces to remove coffee rings and spillage, as needed.
6. Dust telephones.
7. Dust mop hard surface floors with a treated dust mop.
8. Damp mop hard surface floors to remove any spillage from soiled areas.
9. Damp wipe entryway and clean fingerprints from entrance glass.
10. Spot clean partition glass.
11. Inspect and pick up, as needed, building entrance area.

Restroom Cleaning

1. Stock towels, tissue, and hand soap. (Client to furnish)
2. Empty sanitary napkin receptacles and wipe with a disinfectant.
3. Empty trash receptacles and wipe if needed.
4. Clean and polish mirrors.
5. Wipe towel cabinet covers.
6. Toilets and urinals to be cleaned and sanitized inside and outside. Polish bright work.
7. Toilet seats to be cleaned on both sides using a disinfectant.
8. Scour and sanitize all basins. Polish bright work.
9. Dust partitions, top of mirrors, and frames.
10. Remove splash marks from walls around basins.
11. Mop and rinse restroom floors with a disinfectant.

Lunch/Breakroom Cleaning

1. All trash receptacles are to be emptied and trash removed to a collection point. ( Client to furnish liners)
2. Dust mop hard surface floors with a treated dust mop.
3. Damp mop hard surface floors to remove spillage from soiled areas.
4. Clean and wipe tables and chairs.
5. Spot clean walls near trash receptacles.
6. Clean fronts, tops, and sides of trash receptacles with a disinfectant as needed.
7. Clean and polish drinking fountain/water cooler.
8. Damp wipe countertops to remove coffee rings and spillage.
9. Clean and sanitize sink; Client responsible for dishes.
10. Spot clean cabinets and exterior of appliances to present a neat appearance.

Weekly Cleaning Services

1. Dust all vertical surfaces of desks, file cabinets, chairs, tables and other office furniture.
2. Thoroughly vacuum all carpeting, taking care to get into corners, along edges and beneath furniture.
3. Damp mop hard surface floors, taking care to get into corners, along edges and beneath furniture.
4. Buff hard surface floors, if needed, to present the best possible appearance.

We provide complimentary
estimates for our commercial
cleaning and janitorial services.

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Monthly Cleaning Services

1. Complete all high dusting not reached in the above-mentioned cleaning.
2. Top Scrub or machine scrub, rinse, and apply finish to composition floor covering in those areas that show excessive wear.
3. Remove fingerprints and marks from around light switches and doorframes.
4. Vacuum all upholstered furniture.
5. Damp wipe telephones using a disinfectant.