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Professional Commercial
Cleaning for Your Business

Jani-King of Orlando

Professional Commercial
Cleaning for Your Business

Jani‑King of Orlando has over 25 years of experience supporting the Orlando metropolitan area and the surrounding counties. Businesses throughout the Orlando metropolitan area trust Jani‑King of Orlando franchise owners for their commercial cleaning needs. Whether it’s a museum, zoo, stadium, concert venue, or commercial property, customers from Kissimmee to Lake Mary know they can trust our franchise owners and team members for all their commercial cleaning needs. As a matter of fact, Jani‑King of Orlando franchisees has provided commercial cleaning services to customers in the Orlando metropolitan areas of Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, Union Park, Azalea Park, Williamsburg, and many more.

We know that every facility is different and requires a unique approach to cleaning. Our local franchise owners would love to provide you with state‑of‑the‑art cleaning services. Our franchisees are fully trained and equipped to provide your business with commercial cleaning service, janitorial or housekeeping services to fit your needs.

We Specialize In Providing Services For These Industries

Jani‑King of Orlando franchise owners has it all and when it comes to cleaning services, we can make it happen. Need additional housekeeping staff at your Conway hotel property? We’ve got you covered. Are you looking for a cleaning company that understands infection control at your Orlando hospital? We have the training and programs to help keep patients safe.

If you are not completely satisfied with your current commercial cleaning service provider or are just looking for cleaning and disinfecting services, please contact Jani‑King of Orlando office at (407) 275‑2313 for a free quote.

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