Does Your Commercial Cleaner Make the Grade In 2021?

Does Your Commercial Cleaner Make the Grade In 2021? There’s a new wave of COVID-19 concerns taking shape across the El Paso area, and it doesn’t surprise anyone here. El Paso business owners have a new understanding about what it takes to make it in the age of impending virus threats. The local businesses and corporations that have persevered are now using new strategies that resulted from smart innovation and quick pivots after COVID-19 first hit hard. If you own or work for one of these rugged El Paso businesses, then pat yourself on the back for overcoming some huge challenges. Most likely, your experience has changed you and your company for the better. 

Here’s a question for you:  Did your cleaning company keep up with your pace of change? 

Commercial cleaning providers in El Paso are not all the same. Who you hire matters, especially as we enter a new future of business and commerce. Widespread need for sanitation continues to keep the cleaning industry in a steady market position like in years past. But many other industries in El Paso and nationally, are being destabilized. COVID-19 safety guidelines come and go, regulations change, and consumer bases react to volatile environments. It’s a rollercoaster business as usual in 2021.

If you’re out there facing challenges head on, running a business in the middle of the ups and downs, with the hussle you didn’t know you had, then your cleaning partner shouldn’t be one that you simply happened upon. The new way of doing business calls for more intentionality. Your cleaning and disinfection provider should help you navigate the new business climate as strategically as possible. 

How do you know if your cleaning provider meets new and higher criteria? 

1. Are they Flexible?

Ideally, your cleaning provider should be able to help you adapt to surges in need. Sometimes, in the new normal, it will take more effort to keep your environments safe for employees and the people you serve. Infection cases can rise or a new virus variant may come through the area. El Paso’s health and safety requirements change in response to new threats, and El Paso’s businesses have to act quickly. Other times, case loads may be low and there aren’t as many reasons to deploy a cleaning crew as often. Jani-King of El Paso helps businesses stay responsive, and also cost efficient as cleaning needs inevitably rise and fall. 

2. Are they Professional?

Do the cleaning staff appear to have enough supplies? How do their uniforms look? Do their supplies look organized? Do they use several different towels and chemical containers or just a couple? You can spot a big difference in a Jani-King provider because their entire presence exudes  “systems”. Instead of everything looking the same, you’ll notice different colored towels being used on different surfaces as well as numerous products and tools that make cleaning and disinfection effective, thorough, and safe. Another thing Jani-King of El Paso technicians always bring with them is a positive, professional, attitude that reflects well on your business and brand. 

3. Are they Knowledgeable?

Can your cleaning provider explain the “why” and “how” of what they do? If you have a question, can your provider give you a detailed explanation with confidence? Have technicians undergone any formalized training? If cleaning staff can’t answer your questions, they may not be adequately trained or experienced. Jani-King of El Paso’s cleaning technicians undergo extensive training initially and then keep up their training through the years. This is especially important now because scientists learn more about the COVID-19 virus daily. That information along with new technologies and system improvements all continually factor into Jani-King of El Paso’s cleaning approach. 

4. Do they Take Initiative?

Does your cleaning provider come to you with recommendations? Does someone from the team make suggestions about different equipment or the cleaning and disinfecting process that can help you accomplish your cleaning goals? Do they check in with you to make sure those goals are still the same? A lot of business owners have changed and updated their on-site cleaning priorities over last year. Jani-King of El Paso’s cleaning providers take the lead in understanding client priorities and delivering top-quality service. If needed, our teams are able to suggest any appropriate new technologies, chemicals, and techniques to continually improve the process. This frees up clients to concentrate on their own business with confidence that their needs are being met in the best way. 

5. Are they Efficient? 

How long are your cleaning providers on-site? Do you see cleaning personnel returning to areas over and over again? Are technicians standing around thinking about what they should do next or shooting the breeze with others? Top cleaning providers value time management. They show up on time and avoid wasting time completing a job. Jani-King of El Paso’s cleaning providers set a high bar for efficiency that even inspires on-site staff! 

In Closing

Just because the cleaning industry is large and ever present doesn’t mean that cleaning services should be thought of as a commodity. There can be wide gaps between each commercial cleaner’s level of knowledge, experience, and capacity to handle changing work loads. A lot of providers say they’re experts but then underperform for their clients. Customers are left holding the bag and wondering how they missed the signs.

If you’re in the market for a reliable commercial cleaning provider, Jani-King of El Paso can help. Our providers can supply client references to assist you in making sure the team you select meets and exceeds your expectations.