2022 is a Great Time to Own a Commercial Cleaning Franchise

Ownership Gives Individuals a Path to Creating their Own Working Future

The opportunity to own a commercial cleaning franchise remains within reach for many, and offers a path forward for those seeking more control and agency over their professional careers. Now with the arrival of another new year, the prospects of pursuing new opportunities will appeal to many who may have grown tired of working for the growth and development of someone else’s business.

It’s a trend that certainly took root in 2021. After the circumstances of the previous two years, many individuals re-examined the nature of their work and what they hope to get out of it. Record numbers of Americans voluntarily left their current jobs throughout the last year, including more than 20 million over the final six months alone. The reasons were varied, including frustrations with compensation and in difficulties in performing their jobs under the conditions of the pandemic, but the desire to re-organize their lives also ranked high for many individuals who were part of the ‘Big Quit’ in 2021.

For example, according to a 2021 survey from Indeed, 32 percent of Americans who quit last year were doing so in order to start their own business. The most common response for why they wanted to start their own business was ‘I want to be my own boss.’ It wasn’t an idle or spontaneous decision either. Roughly 60 percent of those new entrepreneurs used time gained from pandemic layoffs or furloughs to learn about starting and running a business.

Purchasing a franchise is a starting point for those who want to be in business for themselves, while at the same time enjoying the benefits of an established system of operations, training, and a faster ramp-up than they would be able to accomplish on their own. That’s particularly relevant when you own a commercial cleaning franchise. You’ll have a stake in an industry that remains vital and continues to grow, and receive the support you need to get started.

Jani-King of Cleveland Supports Your Ownership Goals

For the reasons stated above, those electing to start their own business will often elect to go with a franchise plan. The continued necessity of commercial cleaning and disinfection services, used to ensure retail spaces, offices, production plants, medical facilities, and more stay up and running, mean that entry into that industry is appealing to the consistent nature of the demand for those services.

But choosing a proven franchisor is just as important as the decision to own a commercial cleaning franchise to begin with. For instance, once you become a Jani-King franchise owner you’ll receive immediate training, start-up support, and recognition as a business owner with one of the leading commercial cleaning companies in the world.

With more than 7,500 franchises and 120 support offices spread across a worldwide network that encompasses 10 countries, Jani-King is the global commercial cleaning franchise leader. Our extensively-researched, optimally-structured program — we’ve been supporting franchisees for more than 50 years — will help your new business gain a foothold in many ways:

  • Competitive advantage over less resourced service providers
  • Better quality of service ensured by franchise training and standards
  • Complete control over the business
  • Stronger, more profitable, relationships due to the nature of the model

You’ll build your own client base, make the day-to-day decisions, and direct the future of your franchise. But you’ll have essential support throughout with a host of benefits that come with the backing of Jani-King.

Insurance Programs — With Jani-King, you’ll gain help in lining up multiple policies to protect your investment, including coverages for general liability, bonding, and workers’ compensation.

Billing and Collecting Services — Jani-King eliminates the worry related to cash flow concerns by ensuring you receive payment on-time, every time. The risk and liability of non-payment won’t fall on the franchisee’s shoulders.

New Account Offerings — Jani-King will help you find your legs with new accounts, based on your investment level, and is committed to assisting with growth throughout.

Buying Power — With strategic partnerships with top equipment and supply vendors in the industry, you’ll have access to both variety and value. You’ll also be able to leverage competitive pricing and leasing options for all the critical devices and items you need.

Field Support — At Jani-King, we want franchise owners to be in business for themselves, not by themselves. Our hands-on collaborative approach means thorough start-up training and guidance when you need it during ongoing operations. Who we are, and what we do: Learn more about franchise opportunities available with Jani-King of Cleveland.

Take a New Path in 2022, Own a Commercial Cleaning Franchise

The last two years have led to many re-examining what was important to them from a working perspective, and how to best pursue those desires. For many, that information propelled them toward the goal of business ownership and the many benefits that come with it, such as the ability to direct the day-to-day aspects of a business and securing a stronger financial future.

For more than 30 years, Jani-King of Cleveland has provided cleaning franchise opportunities to driven individuals striving to secure ownership. That support, through our Franchising Program, includes ongoing updates in the industry and key benefits to help you set up a business built for success. Jani-King of Cleveland remains active in looking to establish franchise owner-operators in several communities throughout Northeast Ohio as demand for services has remained constant.

Contact Jani-King of Cleveland to discuss your interest and learn how to own a commercial cleaning franchise in securing a new career path.