Get Proactive with Professional Disinfecting Services

As COVID Cases Decline, Other Threats Are Springing Up

When it comes to professional disinfecting services, it’s important to not only understand the importance of disinfecting your facilities now but also for what might lie ahead. The last thing your business needs is to address its disinfection needs now only to be caught off guard when a new virus or disease begins to spread. Around the world, scientists are constantly monitoring not only COVID-19 but also other variations of influenza in order to prevent them from becoming the next global pandemic.

Thankfully, the average number of daily COVID-19 cases has been trending downward consistently since early January. However, new variants of the virus have simultaneously been springing up in California and the UK. These new variants — which have combined their genomes to form a heavily mutated hybrid version of the virus — can lead to even more (and potentially more dangerous) iterations.

While the world continues to fight back against new COVID-19 cases and the potential emergence of new strains, another flu pandemic is becoming a greater concern for scientists: swine flu — a strain of the H1N1 virus. H1N1 last swept the globe in 2009. While the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the pandemic over in 2010, the virus has continued to spring up as seasonal flu ever since. Scientists continue to monitor H1N1, particularly in Europe’s pig populations. Thus far, four influenza viruses have been circulating in pigs at an animal research center in Germany — creating the building blocks for another pandemic. And because pigs act as Petri dishes for diseases, monitoring them closely will be essential for identifying and preventing the spread of new viruses.

While the scientific community is working to understand and prevent the spread of these viruses, and support from governments will be essential, it’s crucial for your business and others to be proactively disinfecting facilities — not just once, but consistently.

How Jani-King of Cleveland Supports Your Disinfection Needs

Our Expertise Spans Multiple Industries

When it comes to cleaning and disinfection services, Jani-King of Cleveland is industry-agnostic. There is no industry or facility that won’t benefit from our professional disinfecting services. Whether you’re located in a professional office building, are part of a strip mall or business complex, own a coworking space, run a restaurant, or operate any other type of facility, cleaning and disinfection services help protect your employees, customers, vendors, and any other visitors that interact with you.

However, there is a higher risk of infection in the healthcare industry due to the greater number of patients, workers, and visitors entering the facility. Because of this, Jani-King of Cleveland offers a team of healthcare specialists that are experienced in cleaning and disinfecting hospitals and other medical spaces. Through this team’s hard work, healthcare facilities can deliver positive patient experiences while also assisting the organization in passing inspections and surveys.

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We Know — and Calculate — the Risks

To maximize the results of our professional disinfecting services, it’s essential to understand the amount of risk present in a facility. Depending on the number and types of surfaces, the volume of foot traffic and employees that enter a facility each day, and whether a past infection occurred, some facilities may be at higher risk than others. To ensure our team and our clients understand that risk and tailor our cleaning and disinfecting services accordingly, Jani-King of Cleveland conducts risk assessment scoring prior to executing our professional disinfecting services.

This process includes reviewing high-frequency touch surfaces, doors and entrances, doorknobs and handles, elevators, light switches, bathroom fixtures, handrails, workstations, chairs, tables, computer equipment, and more. Areas with low or medium risk scores should be deep-cleaned and disinfected. Areas with higher risk scores should receive full manual cleaning followed by disinfection using EPA-approved disinfectants.

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We Use EPA-Registered Disinfectants and Proprietary Chemicals

At Jani-King of Cleveland, we go far beyond standard cleaning and disinfecting agents in our professional disinfecting services. We use disinfectants that are registered with and approved by the EPA. These disinfection solutions, such as electrostatic spray, are proven to quickly kill the coronavirus following a proper cleaning of all surfaces. The chemicals must be allowed wet surface time to eradicate the virus properly.

Additionally, Jani-King of Cleveland utilizes a proprietary chemical in our fogging disinfection service. Also EPA-approved, this chemical helps to kill the virus and other harmful pathogens that may be present in your facilities. Our team works closely with you to determine the best day and time to apply these preventive measures. We will even work after hours or on weekends to minimize the impact of our professional disinfecting services on your team members and operations.

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We’ll Customize Your Program to Your Needs

Whether you have thousands of employees and visitors on a daily basis or maintain a small team in a non-public office, we’ll work with you to design a cleaning and disinfection program specific to your needs. If you work out of a small office with no other tenants or businesses, you obviously don’t need a significant cleaning and disinfecting crew. You may also not need as frequent a disinfecting schedule as a larger business with more people and thus greater risk.

When you engage Jani-King of Cleveland for professional disinfecting services, we’ll first understand your facilities, how they’re used, and what risks may already be present in them before providing a recommendation. This way, you get exactly what you need to protect your employees and customers in the most economical yet effective way possible.

Wherever You Are, We’ll Be There to Support Your Well-Being

Jani-King of Cleveland supports the Cleveland metropolitan area along with Akron, Ohio. Additional Jani-King locations are operating in the surrounding communities — from Vermilion, Lorain, and Avon out west; to Chardon and Beachwood, Mentor, and Willoughby in the east; to Canton and Alliance down south — and more are opening every day. Whatever the need may be, whenever it’s needed, Jani-King will be there to provide our professional disinfecting services to protect your team and customers.

Jani-King of Cleveland offers commercial cleaning, janitorial services, and franchise opportunities in Cleveland, Ohio and the surrounding communities. Contact us today to learn more.