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Lay the Foundation: Using Your Tax Refund to Start a Franchise

Commercial Cleaning Provides Easy Entry into Large, In-Demand Industry

Every spring many Americans look forward to the boon of an annual tax return, and weigh the options in using it. They can use it for a big splashy purchase, to pay off outstanding debt, or simply save it. But using your tax refund to start a franchise is an equally worthy consideration that opens the door to owning your own business and the stability and growth opportunity that comes with it. 

Spurred on by a turbulent labor market, more and more individuals are examining the prospects of owning and running their own business. With the arrival of a new year, the prospects of pursuing new opportunities will continue to appeal to many who have grown tired of working for the development of someone else’s business. Many have decided now is the time to channel their time and effort into building something they can call their own.

Commercial cleaning franchises offer a prime opportunity to realize this goal. Using your tax refund to start a franchise secures the first steps on the path to ownership and a place in an industry that remains vital and growing.

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Cleaning Franchises Remain Vibrant Opportunities

When using your tax refund to start a franchise, you want to make sure you’re giving yourself the best chance to maximize your opportunity for growth by selecting an industry that is poised for growth and is proven to harbor long-term success. Commercial cleaning franchises remain at the top of both lists. Let’s examine these attributes further.

Huge Industry

The market for commercial cleaning remains robust, with estimates that value it at approximately $81.6 billion in the United States alone. Further data analysis shows that more than two million people are employed in the sector. It’s not surprising. Every business needs some level of cleaning, and it’s often more efficient to outsource those duties. With the onset of COVID-19, many businesses were also looking for expert help on what materials and equipment could be used to help keep their environment safe.

Easy to Enter

Cleaning is a low-investment sector that requires up-front funding that is far less than other franchise models and options. And franchises remain an essential element of the sector as well, with more than 36,000 franchised outlets in the U.S. in 2020. While office buildings remain the single-biggest earner for the industry despite work-from-home transitions, there remains a huge range of other types of properties that need service. Government facilities, hospitals, health care buildings, retail locations, manufacturing facilities, gym, schools, restaurants, and many more locations continue to need services. 

Remains in Demand

That width and breadth of facilities is a huge factor in commercial cleaning franchises remaining relevant and in demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of janitors and building cleaners is projected to increase by 6% until 2028, which is faster than the national average projected job growth rate. Because of the pandemic there is a greater need than ever to ensure regular cleaning was done well, with a sharp rise in disinfectant cleaning. Those demands aren’t expected to alleviate soon, either.

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Jani-King is the Leader in Commercial Cleaning Franchises

Founded in 1969 and franchising since 1974, Jani-King has become one of the world’s largest commercial cleaning franchise companies with more than 12,000 franchises servicing from nearly 7,600 locations. It’s a role that Jani-King has performed well; Here’s a short list of some of the honorifics bestowed on Jani-King’s unit franchise system.

  • Ranked No. 1 franchise under $100K by Franchise Market Magazine
  • The Franchise Times Top 200
  • Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500
  • Ranked No. 1 Commercial Cleaning Franchise Company and Home-based Franchise by Entrepreneur multiple times

In Northeast Ohio, Jani-King of Cleveland has proudly and ably upheld the company’s tradition of empowering owner-operators to build their own businesses as the region’s master franchisor for more than 30 years. Using your tax refund to start a franchise with Jani-King of Cleveland means you’ll have some initial capital to cover portions of the startup fees, and initial franchise kit and materials. More importantly, by partnering with Jani-King of Cleveland you’ll gain access to a range of benefits that will fuel the growth of your new franchise.

Insurance Programs — With Jani-King, you’ll gain help in lining up multiple policies to protect your investment, including coverages for general liability, bonding, and workers’ compensation.

Billing and Collecting Services — Jani-King eliminates the worry related to cash flow concerns by ensuring you receive payment on-time, every time. The risk and liability of non-payment won’t fall on the franchisee’s shoulders.

New Account Offerings — Jani-King will help you find your legs with new accounts, based on your investment level, and is committed to assisting with growth throughout.

Buying Power — With strategic partnerships with top equipment and supply vendors in the industry, you’ll have access to both variety and value. You’ll also be able to leverage competitive pricing and leasing options for all the critical devices and items you need.

Field Support — At Jani-King, we want franchise owners to be in business for themselves, not by themselves. Our hands-on collaborative approach means thorough start-up training and guidance when you need it during ongoing operations.

Reap the Benefits. With stability, independence, and the potential for future financial security, learn about the benefits of franchise ownership with Jani-King of Cleveland.

Use Your Tax Return to Start a Franchise with Jani-King

For more than 30 years, Jani-King of Cleveland has provided cleaning franchise opportunities to driven individuals striving to secure ownership of their own business. That support, through our Franchising Program, includes a collaborative communication effort, ongoing updates in the industry, and key benefits to help you set up a business built for long-term success.

By reaching out to Jani-King of Cleveland you’ll have the opportunity to ask specific questions about the process of buying and managing a franchise, and the specifics of support — both financial and otherwise. Jani-King wants you to make a fully informed decision about franchise investment. Potential franchise business owners will review the Franchise Disclosure Document for all details about Jani-King’s cleaning franchise business initial investment costs. Learn more about the process here.

Contact Jani-King of Cleveland to discuss your interest and learn how using your tax return to start a franchise can put business ownership on the fast track.

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