Jani-King Reviews and Testimonials

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Jani-King Reviews and Testimonials


  • Thumbs up.

    Troy Texeria, Nevada Irrigation District
  • We are pleased with the work being done.

    Neal F. Walsh Jr., Garden Spot High School
  • They [Jani-King of Minneapolis] do an excellent job!

    Peggy Schatz, MMB Medical Partners, LLC
  • 10

    Helen Sebian, Great Lakes Motor Company
  • Cleaning crew [Jani-King of St. Louis] is doing a great job!

    Leslie Drewell, Crossroads Medical Center
  • The janitorial services are wonderful. Thank you

    Anna Maner, DirecTV Home Services
  • 9- We are so happy and very pleased with your cleaning service. It is surely nice to enter our offices in the morning only to find them so clean. It has been such a pleasure doing business with Jani-King and their team.

    Carol Irvin, Samaritan Counseling Service
  • Anthony and Jeri have stepped in and made a very quick and very big difference in our office environment.  This franchise is really making a great name for Jani-King.  I would recommend them to anyone…

    Terri Lund, Iqor
  • Thank you for being here for us. The service, so far, is very good. The girl comes 3 times a week and everything is clean and neat.

    Loly, Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of Miami
  • Great! Awesome! They [Jani-King of St. Louis] do a wonderful job!

    Lisa Cornell, Wehrenberg Theatres– O’Fallon 15
  • We are very pleased with the janitorial services.

    Grace Hernandez, Magnolia Plaza Apartments
  • The carpet looks great and they do such a great job! We are all happy with them!

    Monique, Zadig & Voltaire
  • Amazing, wonderful.

    Marcia, Tassinari Physical Therapy
  • Thanks so very much for reaching out and asking for our opinion. We are very happy and satisfied with the service being provided by Michelle.

    Tina Tilton, March of Dimes
  • I am very pleased with the services Jani-King is providing through Jim DeVore.  He is doing a great job cleaning the church building.  I appreciate Jim’s work and his dedication to doing a good job each and every week.

    Audrey Daily, LaSalle Church of Christ
  • Shona and her staff are amazing! We are very pleased… people call who want to come here and price quote and I tell them they would be wasting their time.

    A. Chicarelli, Steeves Office Systems
  • Everything is great!

    Lauren, 89th Jamaica Realty Co.
  • Everything is going great with the Janitorial services here.

    Kelsy Wyse, Science Care of California LLC
  • Everything is great! We couldn’t ask for a better cleaner. Steve-FO does a wonderful job!

    Connie, Forward Shady Apartments
  • Marlene [Jani-King of New Jersey] continues to do a very nice job at the terminal. Management is happy with her work. And again, thank you for your follow ups.

    Christine Chandler, NuStar Energy
  • Things are going well! Carlos [Jani-King of New York] does a wonderful job! We’re really pleased with his work!

    Judy Tyler, Bright Horizons
  • Juan and his crew [Jani-King of New York] are great. The library is clean and the staff have commented on how clean the building is. That is why I fought to get Jani-King at the Main Library as well.

    Judy Tyler, Bright Horizons
  • We are really pleased with the Jani-King Franchisees who are doing our nightly cleaning. We are impressed with the quality of their work – it’s the best work we’ve seen in a long time.

  • 9: Love the great communication we have with Marko and Matt.  Thank you!

    Jennifer Vaughn, Roseville Theatre Arts Academy
  • I completely recommend Jani-King for all your cleaning needs. The Jani-King team is dedicated and professional. They arrive on time for scheduled appointments, and they always have the proper tool to get the job finished. Most importantly for a cleaning crew, the place actually feels clean when they’re done! What’s more, they’re quick so you never feel like you’re waiting around for the cleaners to be done.

    Jani-King is easily the best cleaning company around. If you’d like a clean office, they should be your first choice every time.

    Anbrook Industries, Vancouver, BC
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Video Testimonials

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We love partnering with Jani-King to keep our facilities clean
Buffalo Bills

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The most important thing for us is that our clients are happy
Pawtucket Red Sox