Jani-King Reviews and Testimonials

Jani-King Reviews and Testimonials

  • The guy you have here [ Jani-King of Hartford ] is dynamite! He doesn’t say very much but the mess he walks into here after the night shift he just handles it and is fantastic! He really does an Awesome job!

    William Magowan, C&S Wholesale Grocers
  • The cleaning crew continue to do a great job cleaning our office. AprilMarie communicates well with us! Thanks for the great service

    Margo Wilder, Milestone Medical Group Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Everything is looking really good.  No real complains on our end.  The floors are cleaner than they have ever been!

    Whitney Wehrkamp, ACI Learning Centers
  • Everything is great! We couldn’t ask for a better cleaner. Steve-FO does a wonderful job!

    Connie, Forward Shady Apartments
  • Everything is perfect at Harrah’s [ Jani-King of Las Vegas ]

    Monica Poucher, Wyndham Vacation Resorts
  • Everything’s going great! John [Jani-King of Charleston] always goes above and beyond for us, often changing his schedule to meet our needs. Also, John is great about communicating issues to us, i.e., if one of the toilets is not working properly, so forth. He also keeps me apprised of supplies that are getting low and need to be ordered. These are just a couple of examples of how John “goes the extra mile” for us. In other words, he’s FANTASTIC!!! Thanks for the opportunity to respond.

    Carole A. Boehnen, Professional Golfer Career, Bluffton, SC
  • Jani-King has given us great service.

    Abby Bailey, United Petroleum Transport
  • Words cannot describe the compliments I can bestow upon Jani-king for the incredible job Jani-King executed with the cleaning of the Olympic and Paralympic Village. ‘Jani-King was the best contractor in the Village’ was the most common quote from our management staff.

    Curtis Andrews, Manager of Operation, Olympic and Paralympic Villages Salt Lake Organizing Committee For the Winter Games of 2002
  • Everything is going very well, thank you [Jani-King of Washington D.C.].

    Germaine Heart, Cheverly Crossing Apartments
  • Cleaning is great, we love Lawrence!

    Melonie Romero, St. Francis Episcopal Church
  • We are very pleased with your [ Jani-King of Detroit ] services and I’m sure Jani-King will continue to do a great job as always. Thank you

    Brandi Edwards, Special Tree Skills Center
  • I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the professional cleaning service Jani-King have provided me. Our management team strives for excellence and request all vendors contracted by us reflect the same. We have not been disappointed by Jani-King. I recommend Jani-King as a service provider to anyone looking for commercial cleaning needs.

    Dana Latiolais, Project Coordinator, Property One
  • We are very happy with our service. Joseph has always been great and accommodating. Thank you

    Diana Troche, Del Ray Church
  • It’s wonderful!  We love Mark.  He’s prompt… He is very reliable.

    Deborah, Meyer Dental Group, LLC
  • Service is fantastic- the best ever!

    J. Tafao, European Wax Center
  • Great! It’s going wonderful! I have no complaints.

    Jody, Forward Shady Apartments
  • We love it! Everything is great!

    Amy Lobban, Sandyston Township
  • The cleaning crew always exceeds our expectations. Couldn’t be happier!

    Stacey, Keg 1 O’Neal
  • Good afternoon Christine: As always, we are pleased with your services provided. Thanks you

    Alex Gutierrez, Pacific Postal Credit Union
  • Bobby [Jani-King of Charleston] continues to provide good quality service to America’s Home Place. We are glad that he has stayed with us for the long haul!

    Angela Rakes, Americas Home Place, N. Charleston, SC
  • We are very pleased with Davis and Nancy. They are always very accommodating, efficient and timely. We appreciate them.

    Annette Flaig, Peace Lutheran Church
  • I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate our Jani-King crew. We had a major flood in our building after hours last night. They stayed and helped clean up. They really went above and beyond their normal job duties. We greatly appreciate their willingness to pitch in and help in our moment of crisis!

    Dara Stockman, Southern Pine Electric
  • I have gotten great feedback so far from all the stores. They are happy with the change over to your company [Jani-King of San Diego]. Thanks!

    Sarah Pitts, Medical Center Pharmacy
  • Wake Smiles is very satisfied with our service from Jani-King of Raleigh-Durham.

    Dianne Keyser, Wake Smiles
  • 10 : As always, I am very pleased with Michelle, Rosa and Maria [Jani-King of New Mexico]. I hope you never switch them to another building.

    Karen Glinski, Park Plaza Condominiums

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