Setting the Standard: Jani-King’s Top 5 Focus Areas for Immaculate Auto Dealerships

We understand the importance of creating an exceptional car buying experience for your customers. As they walk through the doors of your dealership, we want to ensure they are immediately impressed with the sparkling floors, clean glass, and welcoming aroma that greets them.

Our auto dealership commercial cleaning program focuses on five key areas to make sure your facility is in top-notch condition:


First impressions are crucial, and that’s why we prioritize keeping your showroom clean and shiny. We pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the floors are spotless, and the cleanliness matches the standard of the cars on display.


Did you know that 39% of customers are likely to go elsewhere if they encounter a dirty restroom in a dealership? To prevent this, Jani-King offers a turn-key restroom cleaning solution, including regular sanitization, and providing essential paper products.

Employee Areas:

A clean and disinfected environment is vital for your employees’ productivity and well-being. Our skilled cleaning teams can take care of cubicles, offices, and break rooms, ensuring your staff can work in a healthy, clutter-free space, especially in times of heightened health concerns like the flu season.

Floor Cleaning:

Maintaining the condition of your floors is essential to avoid costly repairs or replacements. Jani-King is equipped to handle floors of any type, providing proper waxing, and polishing services, keeping your showroom floor spotless and debris-free.

Service Area:

Your service center is a critical part of your dealership, and a clean and organized shop builds confidence in your customers. Our thorough cleaning process ensures the service area remains free from grease and grime, showcasing efficiency and cleanliness to your clientele.

In addition to these essential areas, we offer a comprehensive commercial cleaning program that can cover service bays and your body shop, leaving no area of your dealership overlooked.

When you choose Jani-King for your car dealership cleaning needs, you can rest assured that our professional commercial cleaning services will help you create a positive and inviting environment for your customers. By partnering with us, you can focus on delivering an exceptional car buying experience, while we handle all aspects of maintaining a clean, disinfected, and welcoming dealership facility. Let Jani-King be your partner in creating an impressive and unforgettable experience for your customers.