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5 Reasons to Spring Clean Your Workplace

There is something so enjoyable about deep cleaning and disinfecting every spring. It is a lot of work, but here at Jani-King, we believe it will make for a new and fresh feeling when your spring cleaning is done by a trusted commercial cleaning company.

We have pulled together 5 reasons you should be making an effort to spring clean your facility.

     1. Promotes a Healthier Workplace

Flu and Covid season are beginning to slow down, but there are still germs, dirt, and grime lingering in your workplace. Doing a thorough clean and disinfecting of all surfaces, high-frequency touchpoints, and bathrooms will remove the unwanted germs and dirt. Dust and allergens have also had months to build up behind furniture and appliances. This will make your facility safer and healthier.

     2. You Get Areas That Rarely Get Cleaned

We know your walls, furniture, and ceiling aren’t getting cleaned every night. Spring is a great time to get these areas cleaned and disinfected since most of these items are not included in your daily or weekly cleaning schedule.

     3. Creates a Better Work Environment

When you get a deep cleaning and disinfecting, you will likely take the time to look around at how the workplace looks with a new shine. The cleaning of the workspaces and common areas will help with productivity and promote a positive mindset.

     4. Your Floors Will Thank You

Your floors take a lot of abuse through the winter months. Salt, sand, dirt, moisture, and mud can leave long-lasting damage if not treated properly – no matter the surface. Whether it is carpet extraction to get the grime from the base of the fibers or a strip and wax, this will go a long way in ensuring your floors stay looking great for years to come.

     5. It’s Good for Your Bottom Line

This one ties the previous four altogether. Clean floors last longer and improve employee safety and morale, helping your business stay on track and growing.

The Spring cleaning of your facility has many advantages as you have seen above to health benefits, help avoid illnesses, safety and just decluttering your office area to make your area pristine.

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