Electrostatic Spraying at Forefront of Professional Disinfecting Services

Even as the national and state level vaccination effort ramps up, key disinfecting services — like electrostatic spraying — will remain essential as the country tries to return to normal.

Both the United States as a whole, and the state of Ohio, have made giant-sized gains early in 2021 in arming the populace with the COVID-19 vaccine. With the vaccine distribution system picking up steam, and on the urging of those in leadership positions, the public has seen exponential growth in the number of people fully vaccinated over the first three months of the new year.

As of April 11, more than a fifth of the entire populace in the U.S. has received a full vaccination against the virus responsible for the world-wide pandemic. Publicly collected data shows more than 72.6 million people, or 22.1 percent of the population, have received the full vaccine nationwide — a number that’s mirrored by Ohio’s own metrics (2.53 million, 21.6 percent). It’s been a rapid rise as well. Just three months ago only 2.69 percent of the U.S. population had received even one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine; now, more than 35.6 percent of the population has received at least one dose.

This news means we’re getting closer by the day to seeing more businesses officially set dates for their employees to return to the office or facility. After more than a year of social distancing, flattening the curve, and vaccine development,the prospect of a more ‘normal’ summer and fall is seemingly within reach. But it should also serve as a reminder to commercial cleaning companies that their work will need to continue — and even ramp up as well — to match an increased demand.

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Other Threats Remain as COVID Cases Recede

While the vaccination numbers are encouraging, and the daily number of COVID-19 cases has dropped steadily since the post-holiday season influx in early January, it’s important to realize that disinfection services like electrostatic spraying are here to stay. Why? Much like the approach to cleaning work places has evolved in the last year, so too has the virus changed in response to its widespread reach and the relatively fresh vaccination rollout.

Variants of the virus have been popping up across the country — after originating in California and the United Kingdom — and these new versions can lead to even more (and potentially worse) iterations. In fact, testing has already begun to tailor the existing vaccines to see how they might also combat the variants.

If that wasn’t enough reason to keep disinfecting plans as part of your regular workplace cleaning procedure, then consider another flu pandemic on the rise: swine flu — a strain of the H1N1 virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared that pandemic over in 2010, but not until a death toll in the hundreds of thousands mounted worldwide. Scientists continue to monitor H1N1 as it has since remained a threat as a seasonal flu over the last decade.

The signs regarding H1N1 indicate it isn’t going away. The monitoring mission has involved sampling more than 18,000 pigs across 2,500 European pig farms. Scientists found influenza A viruses — the kind that can develop into pandemic-causing human viruses — on more than half the farms they surveyed.

H1N1 and COVID variants are just two of many possible threats to global health on a microbiological scale. While trying to prevent the next outbreak remains the overriding focus for many of the scientific entities studying these matters, it remains critical for your business and others to be proactive in your approach in disinfecting your facilities. A consistent plan and approach will let your customers and employees know you value their safety.

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Electrostatic Spraying is the Backbone of a Consistent Approach

In the span of a year, the process of electrostatic disinfection has become the key component of any serious cleaning program or service. But what does that mean exactly, and is it a good fit for your particular business?

Unlike normal spraying methods, electrostatic sprayers also apply a positive charge to liquid disinfectants as they pass through the apparatus’ nozzle. This positively charged disinfectant then is attracted to negatively charged surfaces, which enables the substance to more effectively coat and cling to hard, nonporous surfaces. Once applied, the sanitizing agent will stick while it works to disinfect the desired surfaces.

The technique offers a slew of benefits. The method of delivery means it’s ideal for hard-to-reach surfaces, and reduces the time needed to usually complete such tasks. It evenly applies the chemicals used, which dramatically reduces the risk of using too much of the sanitizing solution. And the formulas used in the process have been proven to improve infection control and combat the spread of viruses.

At Jani-King of Cleveland, we go far beyond standard cleaning and disinfecting agents in our professional disinfecting services. We use disinfectants that are registered with and approved by the EPA. The solutions, proven to eliminate the coronavirus in as little time as a minute following a proper cleaning of all surfaces, thrive from the electrostatic spraying technique as it allows the chemicals a wet surface time with appropriate and equal covering of the area in question.

In addition to the electrostatic spraying, Jani-King of Cleveland also uses a proprietary chemical in our fogging disinfection service. This chemical, also EPA-approved, can eradicate the virus and other harmful pathogens that may be present in your workplace.

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Jani-King of Cleveland Provides More than Spraying

Our expertise extends far beyond our treatment technology or the chemicals used to clean your facility. Our team will work closely with you to determine the best days and times to apply these measures. Are reacting to a positive case in your facility? Are you setting up preventive measures? In either scenario, we’ll work after hours or on weekends as needed in order to minimize the impact our professional disinfecting services will have on your operations, team members, and workflow.

Jani-King of Cleveland is also well versed in providing services to a wide array of industries. There is no building or facility that won’t benefit from our services, be it a restaurant, ballpark, school, office building or healthcare facility. Our diverse list of partnerships in Northeast Ohio runs the gamut — from University Hospitals to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

And our experience means that we’ll take you through the process and let you know everything there is to know about how to safeguard your facility for your employees, vendors, and customers. Jani-King of Cleveland is prepared to conduct risk assessment scoring of every surface in your facility. And no matter how big or small your operations are, we’ll create a custom-designed cleaning and disinfection program that serves the specific needs of your facility with a focus on proactively preventing future contamination and/or spread.

Jani-King of Cleveland is entrenched in the Greater Cleveland area, including Akron, Ohio. But we also operate additional locations in nearly every surrounding community — from Vermillion to Canton to Willoughby. With more locations opening and communities being served every day, wherever you need our professional disinfecting services, Jani-King of Cleveland will be there.

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