Why Are Clean, Healthy Campus Environments So Important?

The health, safety, and education of our children and young adults are among the top concerns of virtually every parent and school official. When children spend hours every school day studying and learning in unhealthy environments, it can impede their ability to learn and grow as individuals.

With the ever-changing environment, we are in today, Jani-King can provide a healthy school environment for teachers and school staff to work in is also critical to employee health. Employee illnesses can cost schools significant amounts of money in terms of employee health-related costs and pay for substitute teachers. It is for these reasons, among others, that a clean and sanitized school environment is paramount.

A Healthy Campus Can Help Reduce Absences

Schools have long been referred to by parents as “germ factories” because of how easily illnesses are passed from child to child in the close-quarter environments. When one kid gets sick, it’s almost a guarantee that at least some of their classmates will come down with it as well. This means that either their parents will keep them home from school or a school nurse will send them home so as not to infect others.

Furthermore, reducing absences is essential for your school’s workforce as well.  When teachers or other school employees are out due to illness, it creates the challenge of trying to find a substitute or having to cancel class altogether. Decreased productivity can lead to a lack of learning, and this can put students behind schedule.

How Your Campus Can Create a Healthy Environment

Working with a commercial cleaning company that specializes in student and staff safety and health, can ensure your campus is properly cleaned and disinfected. For over 50 years, Jani-King has earned our trusted reputation by providing results. No matter what your needs may be, we can deliver a commercial cleaning program that provides consistent, quality cleaning and disinfecting that keeps your campus safe and healthy all year long.