Feel Good National Account

Outstanding communication and efficient cooperation among multiple Jani-King regions has led to the expansion of new business in the Southeast. As Jani-King’s latest national account, Results Physiotherapy has multiple properties throughout Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina and Kentucky.

With over 65 locations, Results Physiotherapy offers world-class physical therapy and yet another exciting opportunity for Jani-King franchisees to grow their business. Jani-King is proud to be a part of that recovery process by helping to create a clean and safe environment in which patients can receive physical therapy.

“Originally, the purchasing officer for Results Physiotherapy reached out to Dee Gibert, Regional Director for the Charleston Region, to inquire about a couple of locations that needed janitorial service,” said Victor Berrios, Master Franchise Owner for Jani-King
of Nashville.

During the conversation, it was discovered that there were a number of locations that they owned elsewhere. Dee secured a list of them and sent it to Mike Kearns in the
Jani-King of Raleigh-Durham office. Mike then brought Berrios in on the process because the largest amount of clinics and the corporate headquarters were located in the Nashville area.

As discussions progressed between all parties, Berrios established a meeting with Results Physiotherapy to pitch the possibility of transitioning all locations to Jani-King. Once Berrios met with executives at the Results Therapy headquarters, he contacted Gary Freedman and Elena Williams at Jani-King’s corporate office in Addison, TX to inquire about establishing this as a national account.
According to Berrios, the corporate team quickly assembled and proceeded to communicate with everyone involved at this point. “Gary brought Al Patino into the discussions and we proceeded to work with the Results Physiotherapy team to get it all together.
Prior to rolling out the national agreement, we were able to begin service at six locations.”

Thanks to Berrios’s leadership, cooperation and effort among all Jani-King regions involved and effective communication from the Jani-King corporate national accounts team, Jani-King franchisees have new opportunities to grow their business. Jani-King’s national accounts team is currently working with Results Physiotherapy to roll out a larger number of the clinics to participating regions.

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