Healthcare Facility Cleaning Demands Flexibility and Expertise

When it comes to cleanliness, there is no room for error in the medical field.

When it comes to healthcare facility cleaning — whether it’s physician offices, urgent care centers, dental offices, medical clinics, surgical centers, any other types — maintaining cleanliness and effective disinfection is of utmost importance in preventing the further spread of diseases. In healthcare facilities, environmental services (EVS) plays a vital role in ensuring a safe environment for staff, patients, and visitors.

EVS involves highly trained support service staff who clean and disinfect medical equipment, patient rooms, and common areas within healthcare facilities. By preventing the spread of infections and reducing healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), EVS contributes significantly to the overall healthcare experience and safety.

With more than 30 years of experience in the field, Jani-King of Cleveland is equipped to handle all your medical cleaning needs. Our highly trained franchisees employ the latest cleaning techniques and utilize EPA-approved disinfectants. They are fully insured and adhere to stringent safety standards.

Flexible scheduling is also crucial for healthcare organizations, and understanding the importance of accommodating unique scheduling needs and the different requirements held by different types of facilities is essential. Read on to discover how Jani-king of Cleveland addressed all these needs, and more, by serving one of the premier healthcare systems in Northeast Ohio. From hospitals to arenas and everywhere in between. Jani-King of Cleveland services every business space imaginable.

Healthcare Facility Cleaning Leads to Long-Lasting Partnership

Jani-King of Cleveland has proudly developed a decade-long partnership with University Hospitals (UH), delivering exceptional Environmental Services to many different kinds of healthcare facilities in the process. What began as a 32-location account exceeding one million square feet in April 2013 has evolved into an engagement covering 102 locations and more than several million square feet. This growth was due to Jani-King of Cleveland’s dedicated EVS franchises, which developed a positive, patient-centered culture and regulatory performance that exceeded expectations.

University Hospitals, based in Cleveland, is one of the nation’s leading healthcare systems. With hospitals, health centers, urgent care locations, and other facilities throughout Northeast Ohio, University Hospitals is positioned to provide the best patient-centric medical care to the community. Providing clean and safe facilities for patients and staff alike is a critical need.

Given the variety of locations in the UH network, this presented challenges due to the different disciplines involved and serviced every day. The requirements to properly serve the Surgery centers are different from those needed for Oncology. The Digestive medicine wing would have different parameters than those in place for Pediatrics, or Urgent Care, and so on.

“We have over 20 franchisees servicing UH buildings at this time. That means we clean millions of square feet daily and we hope to keep growing this relationship,” Dan Ohlson, Vice President for Jani-King of Cleveland said.

That versatility and expertise was important during the COVID-19 pandemic, as both Jani-King franchises and University Hospitals dealt with a whole range of new challenges. The partnership only grew stronger during that time as UH leaned on Jani-King of Cleveland for policy decisions, relative to both processes and chemicals, along with a very strong labor presence both on the Ambulatory and Community Hospital sides of the system. The two organizations also worked together to develop a sustainable pricing model for out-of-scope work brought on by COVID.

“Jani-King of Cleveland has been a partner in the EVS space for University Hospitals’ Ambulatory Network for the past 10 years. In the most recent pandemic efforts, Jani-King of Cleveland provided additional program value by delivering an enhanced cleaning program to support UH in maintaining COVID Clean standards across the System Network,” said Tim England, Director of Purchasing of University Hospitals. Benefits of consistent cleaning. Get a brand-enhancing appearance, a healthier working environment, more productivity, and more.

Jani-King of Cleveland Offers Healthcare Facility Cleaning and More

For more than 30 years, Jani-King of Cleveland has established itself as a leader in the commercial cleaning industry, employing a proven franchise model and unwavering dedication to utilizing effective and cutting-edge cleaning and disinfecting tools and techniques. This commitment enables us to consistently deliver exceptional service and performance to our valued customers — both which are critical to ensuring high-quality EVS capabilities.

When you choose Jani-King of Cleveland for your healthcare facility cleaning needs, you gain access to a team of experts who specialize in creating cleaner, more professional, and healthier workspaces for both your employees, customers, and patients. With Jani-King of Cleveland, you can trust that we prioritize not only cleanliness but also the overall well-being of your workspace.

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