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Jani-King of Cincinnati: Cincinnati Commercial Cleaning that Makes a Difference

At Jani-King of Cincinnati, we’re known as the King of Clean, but we do more than keep local facilities freshly sanitized with expert Cincinnati commercial cleaning services. We believe we have the power to make our communities a cleaner, better place, and we work hard each day to make that happen.

Jani-King of Cincinnati has passionately served this region with high-quality, professional commercial cleaning services since 1996. When James Dixon took over as the owner in 2022, he did so with the desire to make a true difference in how he and our company serve communities in need. Learn more about our growth, mission, and how we can serve your needs today.

A New Direction for Cincinnati Commercial Cleaning

James Dixon began his adventure into commercial cleaning after his time in the army, where he served as a combat engineer. He became the regional director of Jani-King in 2008, managing operations across the Ohio region, including the Cincinnati branch of Jani-King. He held this position until February 2022, when he took over Jani-King of Cincinnati as the new owner.

Originally a corporate city, Jani-King of Cincinnati is now locally owned and operated. Dixon wanted to deepen his involvement within the Cincinnati community by assuming a leadership position and dedicating his efforts to helping transform Cincinnati commercial cleaning. Now, Dixon and our team deliver high-quality commercial cleaning for the Cincinnati and northern Kentucky region, helping businesses stay sanitized, hygienic, and ready to better serve their employees and customers.

Under Dixon’s leadership, Jani-King of Cincinnati’s mission is clear: support Ohio communities and business leaders in every way possible. This effort is supported by our team and franchisees, who are believers in that same mission.

Finding a Second Chance with Jani-King of Cincinnati

Jani-King of Cincinnati has built a robust franchisee base filled with dedicated franchise owners ready to take an exciting, fulfilling step in life. Dixon is passionate about helping local franchise owners grow their businesses, and he’s honored to have witnessed so many franchisees flourish and thrive within the Jani-King community.

For many franchisees, Jani-King of Cincinnati represents a second chance in life. Some owners wanted a career change and felt inspired to shift to Cincinnati commercial cleaning with Jani-King. Others, like Roy Kemp, a formerly incarcerated individual, wanted to redirect his life and leave a legacy for his children. With the help of Dixon and Jani-King, Roy and his wife, Erin, built a booming business that provided for their family and even inspired their daughter to create a franchise of her own.

Jani-King of Cincinnati is more than a cleaning company. It’s an opportunity to serve communities and create a cleaner, better environment for all.

Cincinnati Commercial Cleaning Rooted in a Heart of Service

For Dixon, the passion driving Jani-King of Cincinnati extends beyond helping buildings stay squeaky clean. Dixon leads his team with a heart of service, striving to help others and give back to his community. Dixon volunteers to help out at local schools with backpacks, holiday meals, and gifts each year. He also leads the prison ministry each week and volunteers at police stations, his church, and other Cincinnati outreach centers to do good.

As a veteran, family man, person of faith, and devoted volunteer, Dixon strives to do right by others in everything including his business. “Running a business isn’t a Pez dispenser for what you want,” he says. “It’s an opportunity to do right by others.”

Jani-King of Cincinnati is a passionate partner of annual charity events like Tender Mercies. When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, Jani-King of Cincinnati stepped up to provide essential aid to businesses in need with prompt, professional cleaning services. Dixon and our team dedicated efforts to helping stop the spread of germs and the virus with frequent, diligent deep cleanings to promote better sanitation and hygiene in businesses, hospitals, and more. We continue to do everything we can to serve the local community.

Cincinnati Commercial Cleaning You Can Count On

When you partner with Jani-King of Cincinnati, you can count on our skilled team to deliver exceptional cleaning services every time. We go above and beyond for every customer with a detailed, thorough approach that ensures your facilities are truly clean and sanitized. We serve businesses in a variety of industries, from schools, universities, and banks to restaurants, manufacturing facilities, and even stadiums. In fact, we’re the official partner of FC Cincinnati, responsible for keeping TQL Stadium clean, hygienic, and always prepped for the next game.

A clean facility isn’t just about appearances. Our cleaning experts use state-of-the-art equipment and chemicals to kill germs and ensure a deep clean that protects employees and visitors. Whether you’re a small business ready to deliver a more inviting experience to your shoppers or you operate a large-scale facility and need to keep high-traffic areas clean and fresh, Jani-King of Cincinnati is here to help.

Contact Our Team for Better Cincinnati Commercial Cleaning

Jani-King of Cincinnati is here to support Southwestern Ohio and Northern Kentucky with a deep commitment to our customers. To our team, you aren’t a number or a job: you’re a pillar in the regional community, and we’re here to help you better serve your customers and employees with a more sanitary space. We form lasting relationships with our customers and always ensure a fair approach with above-and-beyond services at a reasonable cost. We provide complimentary commercial cleaning estimates and work hard to understand your needs and how we can best serve you with a pristine, professional clean.

Ready to learn more about how we can serve your needs? Call us at 513-771-8006 or contact us using our online form. We look forward to hearing from you and providing high-quality Cincinnati commercial cleaning you can count on.

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