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Now is the Time to Open a Commercial Cleaning Franchise

With the arrival of two new vaccines, hopes are beginning to rise as the country — and Northeast Ohio — begins to climb back from the downturn caused by the pandemic in 2020. Businesses and companies are now formulating return-to-work plans, which means virtually every facility will be looking to re-evaluate their cleaning and disinfecting needs at the workplace. Clean, safe work spaces will be needed as never before, and that marks now as a perfect time to get on board with a franchise plan with a company that has the experience and brand recognition to guarantee you the best chance of success.

Return-to-Work Cleaning is About to Take Off

Besides offering a proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, the COVID-19 vaccines have given businesses and employers something else: a sense of urgency. Now, companies can move from theoretical plans for how to return workers to their offices, shops, data centers, and so on to practical, real-world plans for how to do so.

A big part of those plans will hinge on refurbishing workplaces that, in many cases, have been largely dormant since the pandemic blossomed in March 2020. And while no one is over-the-moon thrilled with the progress so far of the national vaccination program, it has begun. And as such, many businesses hope to have most of their returning workforce back at company facilities by July.

This window offers new commercial cleaning franchise owners the perfect opportunity to get started ahead of the expected rush a few months from now.

New Year, New Demands of Commercial Cleaning

Prior to the pandemic, most commercial cleaning efforts focused on the look, or aesthetic, of the job. Programs focused on making sure areas and surfaces were clean to the eye and free from visible soils. But the task facing commercial cleaning will be a different one in the future.

Additional steps will be needed now as safety for those occupying the workspace has become of greater importance. It’s no longer just a matter of looking clean — now workplaces will need to be disinfected to keep both employees and prospective customers safe. And preventive measures will need to be enacted to make sure those standards remain in place.

The significance of the COVID-19 pandemic has been felt in every state, in every city, and in every business or industry. It has forever changed the task and thought given to commercial cleaning services — what they need to do, how well they need to do it, and how much they play a part in helping your facility remain safe to anyone who visits.

This influence won’t recede once the virus does. This will be the new status quo, and an established, coordinated, and well-backed commercial cleaning franchise will be in high demand for years to come.

Jani-King is the Clear Choice for Your Commercial Cleaning Franchise

Jani-King of Cleveland has three decades of working in the Cleveland/Akron area and has delivered experienced guidance and dedication to cleaning services to its franchisees in a quest to adhere to long-established standards set by Jani-King International.

Jani-King was founded in 1969 and today is the largest commercial cleaning franchise company in the world with more than 8,500 franchise owners across the globe. With name recognition on that scale, an owner-operator concept, and a strong regional support system, Jani-King franchisees will be well equipped to meet the high standards of today’s facility managers.

That reputation and commitment to high service are why Jani-King of Cleveland is the Official Cleaning Company of the Cleveland Cavaliers and is University Hospital’s Trusted Partner in Cleaning.

The brand’s international image — one of size, dependability, stability, and leadership — is but one reason why Jani-King of Cleveland is the best choice for your commercial cleaning franchise. With affordable investment plans, and a decades-proven, extensively-researched business plan, our franchisees will be starting with a strong foundation. Our comprehensive training and ongoing guidance to all franchisees will help ensure you’re able to find your way in the stable cleaning industry that will be in high demand as more and more companies bring their employees back to the office.

Jani-King of Cleveland offers franchisees the expertise, support, and guidance to make sure they can grow and develop alongside us.

We’re Where You Are, and Where You Live

Jani-King of Cleveland is based in Broadview Heights, but supports the entire Northeast Ohio region and can offer support to franchisees in a large swath across the northern half of the Buckeye State.

Jani-King of Cleveland is, of course, heavily involved in both East and West Cleveland, and the Akron/Canton metro area to the immediate south. This evidenced by our membership in the Better Business Bureau for both Cleveland and Akron, and we’re proud to be part of the Greater Cleveland Partnership.

But Jani-King of Cleveland can also support commercial cleaning franchises in all directions from our home base, from east to Youngstown and Boardman, or west along Lake Erie through Elyria, Vermilion, and Sandusky — or south to Wooster and Mansfield.

All of those cities and more need commercial cleaning services, and we’re positioned to help franchisees get started in serving those nearest to them.

Get Started Today with a Stable Franchise Opportunity

With varying levels of affordable commercial cleaning franchise options, and a steady hand to help you along the way, franchisees that partner with Jani-King of Cleveland will be in business for themselves — but not by themselves.

Jani-King of Cleveland offers commercial cleaning, janitorial services, and franchise opportunities in Cleveland, Ohio and the surrounding communities. Contact us today to learn more.

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