Sharing Great Ideas for Exceptional Stadium Cleaning

stadiumcleaningjani-king Whether cleaning up after a World Series baseball game or the Super Bowl, providing maintenance for venues with thousands of rowdy fans isn’t easy—especially when another event is scheduled for the very next day. Fortunately, Jani-King not only provides an immaculate clean every time, they do it in record time. For Jani-King, stadium cleaning calls for teams of oftentimes more than 100 professional crew members to accomplish the job. The teams adhere to a process that begins before the event, carries throughout, and lasts hours after the event has concluded.

Jani-King’s membership in the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM) helps keep them on top of their game. IAVM seeks to educate, advocate for, and inspire public assembly venue professionals around the globe. Fellow active members include representatives from auditoriums, arenas, convention centers, exhibit halls, stadiums, performing arts theaters, and amphitheaters. As members of IAVM, Jani-King and other leaders in the industry can benchmark off each other to ensure stadium cleaning processes are at their very best.

Part of what keeps Jani-King’s stadium cleaning in top shape is continuing education. Through IAVM, as well as internal training programs, employees attend cutting-edge educational programs that are both challenging and informative. IAVM has its very own resource center for public assembly facility management, which conducts studies and researches industry trends. This allows Jani-King to better understand its clients, as well as relay such information on to them.

In addition to stadium cleaning, the pros at Jani-King serve movie theaters, arenas, amphitheaters, race track, and speedways. Though each venue is cared for with the same core principles, they each have individual needs. Jani-King will design a plan to attend to every area of concern, accounting for each square-inch of the facility. IAVM’s strong influence combined with Jani-King’s superior cleaning ensures an immaculate venue for every client.

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