Signs Your New Jani-King of El Paso Business Has Hit Full Speed

Just like any business owner will tell you, when you make the leap to start a new business of your own, ramping up can be a process. Thankfully Jani-King of El Paso franchise owners don’t spend as much time in that “getting started” phase. With the training, community of support, business leads, and dedicated accounting staff to handle your accounts receivable, you’re going to pick up speed much faster than a business owner starting from scratch or even in another franchise model for that matter. It will take time, but not that much time. So how will you know when you’re over the getting started hump and running full throttle toward your business dreams coming true? Look for these three indicators.

1. You’re Confident 

It’s normal for a new business owner to go through an initial feeling of not belonging. Even though Jani-King’s conferences provide fantastic opportunities to immerse yourself in the Jani-King family, it’s different when you’re out there on your own representing your Jani-King of El Paso franchise among local business owners who might remember you from a time when you worked for another company. It’s a challenge that comes when we are trying to change an attachment to our identity as one thing and open the scope to view and accept ourselves as another thing. The term “Imposter Syndrome” was coined because during that transition time, you can feel like you’re not really the person you say you are. You’re not the only new business owner who’s felt this way in the beginning. It will pass.

Pretty soon after you’ve completed your Jani-King training and you’ve got a handful of clients that love your work, you’re going to start feeling the confidence that comes from both your training and your support. As you start servicing your clients, you’re going to begin to see those things play out, and how the systems provided to you are working to create reliable outcomes for you and your clientele. You’ll see yourself succeeding and then your faith in your capabilities will blossom. It’s a fun experience when you finally start to believe the new version of you. You’re able to stop worrying about whether you are doing enough to sustain your business, and you can put more energy into coming up with well-defined goals for your business. You can actively work toward achieving your goals with the confidence propelling you forward each day.

2. You’re Getting Local Referrals 

Do you have a “referral dance”? It’s the dance you do when a referral for new business comes from a satisfied client. You might want to invent that dance because referrals are on their way. When referrals start coming in, that means people are satisfied with your work, and even impressed enough that they have started putting your name out to friends in business.

Not only that, you’re getting savvy enough to ask for referrals. You also know how to help your clients understand the ways they can best promote your business. You’re proactively suggesting to them that if they’re happy with your work, a favorable online review is the highest compliment they can give. You are building genuine relationships with your clients and making it easy for them to think of you when someone asks them about cleaning and disinfection services.

You’re frequently engaging with your clients, and those conversations bring about more opportunities to share your specializations. Your clients are learning about the additional ways you can help them, as well as the specialized ways you can help their business friends in niche industries. An interconnected web of business associations is starting to come together for you, and it’s not only helpful for the bottom line, it fills your intrinsic need to connect with your community.

3. You Feel Healthy 

A study by the American Institute of Stress found 40% of workers reported their job is very or extremely stressful. And 25% of workers view their jobs as the number one stressor in their lives. Stress has indisputable implications on a person’s health, and when you’re operating in high stress mode, you feel it from head to toe.

Many Jani-King franchise owners report a transition from bad stress to good stress when they become a Jani-King business owner. The stress they were feeling, the kind linked to heart disease, converts to eustress, which is a healthy stress that provides energy, a positive sense of challenge, and accomplishment. So, when you start feeling the health benefits of less cortisol pumping through your veins, it’s safe to say you’ve made it into full productivity.

Two key contributors to your healthy disposition are:

Work-Life Balance

You can maintain a work life balance because Jani-King of El Paso franchise owners have flexibility to arrange their schedules to meet family and personal needs all while providing great service to clients. With careful time management, you can eliminate the stress that comes from neglecting yourself and your important relationships.


Additionally, you are becoming “harmoniously passionate” which means the work you do energizes you. Harvard Business Review makes a clear distinction between obsessive passion that causes burn out and the harmonious passion that propels entrepreneurs forward with positive health benefits like lifted mood, self-esteem, creativity, and peace. That’s the kind of passion that fills your lungs when you get up in the morning and fuels a healthy body too.

So, if you’ve just started your journey into business ownership with Jani-King of El Paso, be on the lookout for these three indicators to let you know you’ve arrived at a new and profoundly rewarding phase of entrepreneurship. And if you’re not a business owner, and dream of seeing these qualities in your life, please reach out to explore franchise ownership with Jani-King of El Paso.