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Why a Jani-King Franchise Makes Sense Now

Some of the best companies were started in the middle of economic dog poop. But doesn’t a bad economy make things extra hard for business owners and entrepreneurs? Sure, they face some tough challenges, but every existing business and major corporation is facing them at the same time. If you open the right business, like a Jani-King franchise, being the new kid on the block may just play out in your favor. Here’s why.

The Jani-King Edge

Jani-King is staying strong as many other companies and industries have faced unforeseen and wide-scale disruption. COVID-19 has changed the way whole industries operate. Things like new health regulations and supply chain difficulties have added massive costs to many companies’ bottom lines. Not to mention the fact that customer bases are shrinking for a lot of firms that supply non-essential products and services. Would-be prospects for business are reprioritizing their needs to fit their new COVID-19 era budgets. Consequently, companies across the US are hemorrhaging profits and many are going out of business. 

But not all industries and companies are being hit equally. Jani-King continues to perform well in 2020. New franchises are opening on the regular in different parts of the country. Jani-King of El Paso recently  opened on November 23rd of this year, right in the middle of a surge in COVID-19 cases.

As crazy as it may sound, opening your own Jani-King franchise business right now could be a smart move

Recession Resistant Brand

It’s not just in the current recession that Jani-King outperforms. Jani-King stood firm through both the dot.com bust in 2000 and the Great Recession that lasted from 2007 to 2009. Franchisees operating in those times saw steady business. So what’s the differentiator? Jani-King has a large footprint in no-nonsense places like busy medical facilities, offices, and sports and entertainment venues. The capacity and dependability that people associate with Jani-King have given the brand staying power through economically challenging times when other, less established firms fall through the cracks. 

Built in Growth

But new business owners aren’t concerned about simply holding the line during an economic downturn. They have to be focused on growth in order to make it through even the first year. 

Although the need has shifted noticeably, (stadiums are at 25% capacity and more office employees are working from home) there is still a huge demand to fill. It’s showing up in other public places that include restaurants, healthcare facilities, and transportation hubs, to name a few. And because building capacity is being limited, many establishments require more frequent and more thorough cleaning and disinfection services.

There’s plenty of business to be had. And Jani-King’s business model offers the support of supplying new franchisees with account opportunities and helping them to develop stronger footholds within their accounts. During a recession, this type of support gives new Jani-King franchisees an interesting advantage as one just starting.  Most businesses, including those in the commercial cleaning industry, are slowing down innovation, cutting budgets, (especially advertising budgets), and scaling down their offerings, but Jani-King is still innovating, still expanding its footprint, and continues to stays agile in its ability to service new needs posed by COVID-19 or any market condition impacting public facilities. This healthy and thriving corporation can help new franchisees capitalize on growth opportunities while frankly, there are fewer players in the industry that can effectively meet the market need. 

Built in Capacity

It doesn’t matter if there are countless customers with needs if you’re not equipped to service them. And right now, customers are calling with technical, large scale, and essential cleaning and disinfection needs. As a new business, your team will never have to turn down an opportunity for lack of resources. Jani-King gets more calls because Jani-King is a surefire YES that facility managers can hang their hats on. Jani-King prepares franchisees with the extensive training and high power equipment they need to confidently manage accounts with complex and diverse requirements. New franchisees that sign on with Jani-King can quickly become capable of servicing accounts they might have otherwise passed up, or worse, drove their businesses into the ground in an effort to “make it work”. 

Dependable Talent

Another critical factor in your success, is your ability to retain top performing employees. Jani-King is known for the respect and appreciation they have for each and every front line cleaning technician, regardless of where the economy stands. Jani-King does not cut corners on pricing. Besides being treated with respect and earning a good wage, your employees can become skilled in advanced cleaning techniques and can grow toward owning their own Jani-King cleaning franchise one day. For these qualities, your franchise may provide a nice option for job seekers that have flooded the job market in search of replacement income. Your franchise can operate with top talent that further fuels your growth in a slow market.

Loyal Clientele 

A new franchisee in a down economy has the wonderful perspective of seeing only progress. You’re not in holding steady mode, and your growth mindset puts you front and center with clients that need you to survive. When you secure a client in a time like now, chances are, you’ll have them for years to come. Research supports the notion that new clients in a recession tend to stay loyal to their suppliers during the economic recovery. Doing business in a recession gives organizations a chance to make it through a shared challenge together which breeds a strong bond between them. In a recession, businesses have a chance to show up for one another in a way that can’t be replicated. Kinda makes you want to get out there, doesn’t it? 

So maybe the question is not why, but why not take advantage of the opportunity that this recession presents for Jani-King in commercial cleaning? Even though COVID-19 has slowed down the US economy over 2020, S&P Global projects steady recovery over the next year. There’s still time to make your entrance into the commercial cleaning market now, scoop up the business, and ride the wave back up in 2021.

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