Why Local Matters – Jani-King’s El Paso Focus

Why Local Matters - Jani-King's El Paso Focus One of the biggest trends to come out in the 2021 U.S. business market according to ICSTD is the “Vocal for Local” mindset shared by business and communities. In El Paso, the Better Business Bureau Paso del Norte launched the “Buy El Paso” campaign September 2 last year. The organizational push for buying local includes the Buy El Paso online directory of local businesses. The El Paso BBB also tries to educate the community about the direct impact that buying local makes for everyone living in the area. 

When people choose to purchase goods and services from local vendors, it keeps more money circulating in the local economy thereby strengthening it and attracting more prosperity. More people move to the El Paso area for economic opportunity, and entrepreneurship thrives. Plus, more high quality goods and services become available to residents and living standards rise. The whole cycle builds on itself. A strong local economy also supports the local nonprofits that do much of the heavy lifting when it comes to meeting critical needs in underserved population groups. 

Jani-King Champions the “Buying Local” Motto

That’s why for over 45 years, Jani-King’s business model has been hyper-focused on building local franchise business owners. Jani-King of El Paso’s service teams are all composed of a local business owner and their local cleaning and disinfection technicians. The whole Jani-King of El Paso family is made up of individual members of the El Paso community. For the Jani-King corporation and the El Paso owned franchisees, local ownership made good business sense 45 years ago, and it does even more today. 

Local Franchisees Sew Local To Reap Local Advantages

Jani-King of El Paso franchisees can more strongly advocate for their own business success by taking part in the local business ecosystem. Their locally rooted business operation stimulates El Paso’s commerce environment and attracts more business to set up shop in El Paso. More businesses in El Paso means more businesses for Jani-King franchisees to serve! Then, as each local Jani-King franchise owner grows their book of business, they must hire more people to serve their clients. By employing more people, Jani-King of El Paso franchisees equip other local residents to participate actively in El Paso’s consumer base that powers their clients’ businesses. 

Jani-King of El Paso knows that a healthy business ecosystem starts at the local level. We’re always on the lookout for local cleaning and disinfection providers that want to adopt the Jani-King brand name and gain access to the tools and wisdom that advance their performance and scalability across the El Paso area. 

Local Franchisees Are Invested

Clients can expect more from a local franchise owner because they have skin in the game. They have a reputation to protect and rooted relationships that other non-local providers do not. Local Jani-King of El Paso cleaning and disinfection providers are committed to performing at the highest level possible, not only because it’s one of the brand’s core values. But because word travels fast in El Paso, and franchise owners want their neighbors and business associates to know them for excellent service and results. El Paso’s Jani-King franchise owners also take to heart their part in helping other local businesses thrive. It’s not just their business success that matters. 

Local Jani-King service teams use technology-driven checks and balances to minimize the occurrence of mistakes. But whenever a rare mistake is detected, our local franchise owners address the matter right away. They care about making things right and use those incidents as a way to demonstrate their commitment to the client as well as to the El Paso business community. 

Local Franchisees Take Quick Action

Local owners of Jani-King Franchisees can respond to changing customer needs faster than a large corporate machine. When customers first started requesting more and additional cleaning and disinfection services at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March of 2020, our local Jani-King franchise owners could quickly spring into action, sourcing and training their work force locally. 

El Paso franchisees are close to the action, observing the local situations, and can better anticipate the nuanced needs at the local level. For example, the labor shortage has affected El Paso greater than other major cities. Unlike Dallas, Miami, and New York, El Paso is not a popular destination for migrants. Additionally, El Paso’s non-essential land border travel restrictions continue to affect both El Paso and Juarez. El Paso’s Jani-King franchise owners anticipate the gaps happening in local businesses trying to meet sanitation and safety standards. They’ve filled their ranks with more staff to supplement the labor shortage in the cleaning and disinfection area. 

El Paso also has a dry climate creating water and dust concerns. Water conservation matters to business owners because the cost of water affects their bottom line. El Paso Jani-King franchise owners understand the local environmental constraints and can use water judiciously within their cleaning and disinfection protocol. They can address the higher levels of dust in the arid climate with electromagnetic spraying techniques that coat dust particles and remove them from the air and hard to reach surfaces. 

Support El Paso’s Local Business Community

Jani-King’s local franchise model is a smart way to bring Jani-King’s expertise to local businesses, yet preserve the local business owner entity for its many merits. You can support El Paso’s economy just by taking the time to write a positive online review for good service you receive. You can remember and recommend local businesses to your friends and neighbors whenever they ask for your input. You can also operate a local business! Jani-King has many pathways to business ownership, and one of them might be right for you!