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8 Awesome Attributes of Hotel Housekeepers

Eric Newburn, Director of Hospitality at Jani-King International, Inc., provides you 8 awesome attributes of Hotel Housekeepers in order to give you a better insight on the person who is cleaning your hotel room. You may never see them, but this will help you know them.

  1. They’re skilled!  It takes a lot of effort and experience to clean up to 16-20 guestrooms per day. While some rooms may require minimal cleaning and replacement of items, others can be full of trash, extra blankets and empty lotion bottles, soap and shampoo.  Keeping on schedule takes skill.

    eric newburn jani-king hospitality
    Eric Newburn, Director of Hospitality at Jani-King International, I
  2. They deliver under pressure. Hotel room attendants must complete their assignments by check-in time for the next arrival. Throw in the occasional party room and the pressure doubles. Great housekeepers are focused and deliver under pressure.
  3. Honesty is their best quality:  Guests leave their clothes, electronic devices and valuables in plain site knowing that the housekeepers will be in the room to do their jobs.  There’s a tremendous level of trust involved when guests leave their room and housekeepers are committed to keeping that trust intact.
  4. They’re prepared.  From a cart full of clean glasses to stacks of fresh linens, housekeepers have everything they need to make your room new again.
  5. They love their jobs. Great room attendants are focused on the process and thrive in the right environment.  For someone who embraces the work flow, it’s a labor of love.
  6. They’re a team. Everyone is working together to complete the tasks on-time, every day.  And when the day is over, you’ll frequently find the housekeepers together, sharing meals that they’ve cooked for one another.
  7. They’re always improving. Whether it’s learning a new language or learning new skills, many housekeepers  are constantly working to improve their lives and change the course of their future.
  8. They are grateful.  Hotel housekeepers work hard and even make subtle changes in their routine to further impress a guest or make their day more special.  When you do notice those thoughtful gestures and want to recognize the extra effort, tips are very much appreciated by the housekeeping staff.

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