It’s a very exciting time to be a part of the commercial cleaning industry, which is why it’s time to start a franchise with Jani-King today.

The commercial cleaning industry presents a great franchise opportunity with incredible potential. Businesses today are much more concerned about cleaning and disinfecting than ever before. Our franchise owners are busier than ever. 2022 looks to be a wonderful time to open a Jani-King franchise in your area.

Industry Growth Worldwide

The commercial cleaning industry is expected to see growth at an extraordinary rate for the next eight years. The U.S. Department of Labor expects a 6% growth through 2028.  The market is growing at an above-average national rate due to an influx of demand for cleaning and disinfecting services. Industry experts see long-term growth in the coming years, so why not get started now?


Jani-King is a growing and recognized brand that offers two of the best commercial franchise opportunities in the business, Unit Franchise and Domestic Franchisor. When you invest in a franchise, we provide the path to an effective start up and the game plan for long-term business growth. With Jani-King, you’ll have the system, support, and procedures in place to know where you’re going and how to reach your goals.

Why Jani-King?

While there are many commercial cleaning franchise companies to choose from, they’re not the same. Jani-King is a global company that’s been in business since 1969 and has continued to establish itself as the leader with more than 120 regional support offices in 10 countries. Jani-King remains at the top because its franchisees have been cleaning for decades and the company knows how to build its brand, sign new customers and deliver business technology that helps its franchisees grow.

We offer complete training to all new franchisees including initial training that will prepare you how to clean, disinfect properly, utilize the most up-to-date tools and equipment. In addition, time is spent training you on how to interact with customers to provide them with the best customer service, perform inspections of your cleaned facilities, best practices on how to run your own commercial cleaning business, marketing and much more.

Jani-King offers franchisees new accounts as well, with teams of sales professionals at the regional office level that sign new business every month. In addition, Jani-King has professionals at the corporate headquarters that sign national partnerships, and work with individual regions to sign specialty accounts such as hospitals, hotels, stadiums, and event venues.

There is no better time to start a commercial cleaning and disinfecting franchise. Jani-King has the experience and support to help you every step of the way.

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