Keeping Your Fitness Center Clean in 2023

It’s a new year and the busiest time for new memberships at most fitness centers and all of this coincides with flu season. With more people in your facility and using the equipment means even more germs. We want people to keep coming to your facility and we want cleanliness to be one of those reasons to keep your members coming back.

We know that getting in the door and onto a regular workout schedule is the only way to help them reach their fitness goals. But we want to make sure your patrons feel confident and relaxed, knowing they’re working out in a clean and safe environment. By getting your facility cleaned by a commercial cleaning service you can focus on your members working out and staying on track with their fitness goals.

Remember we can keep your members healthy, and your equipment clean also protects your staff. A few staff members calling in sick can cripple your business, especially during the new year when your facility is at its busiest.

A Clean Fitness Center Keeps Members

Let’s face it – a gym can get gross. Not only do people sweat on surfaces in the workout spaces, but locker rooms also present their own cleaning challenges. There are odors to tackle and the potential for mold and mildew.

Then there are the floors. People track in dirt, mud, grime, rain, or snow from outside, and you don’t want to create surfaces where people can slip. Your floor needs to look great too since it makes an impression as soon as someone walks through the door. Floors require professional attention from a trusted commercial cleaning company with experience in fitness center cleaning.

A fitness center membership can be an expensive investment for some individuals, and when it comes to selecting where to spend their money, they will seek the finest service provider available. Not only will the equipment or the personnel play a role in the decision, but so will the image your facility produces. Even from the outside, your gym should appear to be clean and friendly. A commercial cleaning service can ensure that your gym is clean and fresh from the reception area to the weight room. So that you may make a wonderful first impression.

Jani-King is a trusted professional commercial cleaning company with wonderful franchise owners that can manage your fitness center’s cleaning needs to guarantee that you always have a clean and disinfected area. This will free up your team to focus on offering high-quality fitness services. Running a profitable fitness facility is difficult, but you can make it easier by hiring a professional commercial cleaning company to provide great cleaning services.

When you rely on Jani-King and our trusted franchise owners for cleaning fitness centers, you can depend on thoroughly cleaning equipment and bathrooms. The benefits you will see in using a trusted commercial cleaning company like ours will provide a safe place for members to work out and a safe workplace for staff. Professional commercial cleaning reduces the risk of exposure to germs, including bacteria and viruses. With our green cleaning products, members and staff are also safe from exposure to harsh chemicals. Other benefits of commercial cleaning include maintaining a clean fitness facility that members will want to keep coming back to. Having your fitness facility equipment cleaned and disinfected regularly can also help reduce wear and tear, allowing these items to last longer.

Why should you turn to a trusted commercial cleaning service company like Jani-King? We have franchise owners with experience and specialized equipment needed for deep cleaning commercial fitness centers’ lobbies, weight rooms and restrooms. Our electrostatic sprayers enable approved and proven disinfectants to more effectively coat and cling to hard, nonporous surfaces, ensuring quick and effective application even in large or harder-to-reach areas. This helps reduce germs on treadmills, stationary bikes, weight benches and other types of fitness equipment that are commonly used.  Our bathroom cleaning services, help provide safe surfaces that decrease the risk of germ exposure and reduce the risk of slips and falls.

For over 50 years, Jani-King has earned our trusted reputation by providing results. No matter your needs, we can deliver a commercial cleaning program that provides consistent, quality cleaning and disinfecting that enhances the value of your fitness facility.