Make the Most of Your Time with Flexible Franchise Scheduling

Embark on a new path with support, without yielding the security that comes from current employment.

With flexible franchise scheduling, new commercial cleaning franchise owners can enjoy a better work-life balance, earn the freedom to line up work arrangements to fit their busy lives, and still maintain the ability to work a ‘day’ job.

Events of the last two years have given many the chance to think about the nature of work, and the role it plays in their goal of a happy, fulfilling life. For many, these recollections led to a desire to explore ways to begin working more for themselves, to build something of their own. These thoughts were acted upon by millions in 2021 as record numbers of Americans left their current jobs for a variety of reasons, including that desire to re-organize their own lives.

For those that still desire a business of their own but are hesitant to cut ties with current employment, acquiring a franchise is an avenue that could suit their needs. Owning a commercial cleaning franchise offers many benefits, including a strong base to build from and the capacity to nurture an asset. Chief among the many benefits, however, is the flexible franchise scheduling it offers.

Today we’ll examine some of those scheduling benefits, and how the right franchise choice and partner highlights those benefits.

Why Flexible Franchise Scheduling Matters

The ability to adjust when you work means you get more control over how you structure your life. You get to call your own shots. Owning and running your own commercial cleaning franchise means you get to make your own schedule (to a large degree) even as you build your own future.

A commercial cleaning franchise allows you to set a schedule that can accommodate a day job. You can work your current job during the day, and then service clients for your cleaning services business on nights or weekends. This is possible because most cleaning services can be completed during off hours — after the customer’s business closes for the day — and in fact may be required that the service occurs then.

While this calls for an exceptional amount of effort and work, it does come with benefits beyond the ability to earn additional income. For starters, you can continue to build and develop your own business while not relinquishing the stability and security of your previous job. This relieves the pressure to grow quickly that can come with a new franchise and allow you to proceed at your own pace.

This flexible franchise scheduling also allows two-parent households to tackle and juggle the many responsibilities they face. Because a commercial cleaning franchise schedule will typically skew toward more nights and potentially weekends, one parent could dedicate themselves to child-care duties during the day while the other works. The roles could then flip for franchise duties. This arrangement still allows for both parents to make progress in their professional lives, while alleviating ever-rising childcare costs and enjoying dual incomes.

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Founded in 1969 and franchising since 1974, Jani-King has become one of the world’s largest commercial cleaning franchise companies with more than 12,000 franchises servicing from nearly 7,600 locations. In Northeast Ohio, Jani-King of Cleveland has served as the region’s master franchisor for more than 30 years and has become a trusted cleaning partner with several regional institutions like Playhouse Square, University Hospitals, and the Akron Rubber Ducks.

Jani-King of Cleveland offers the support needed to enhance flexible franchise scheduling and make it a viable option for new franchise owners. That support includes:

Insurance Programs — You’ll receive help in lining up multiple policies to protect your investment, including coverages for general liability, bonding, and workers’ compensation.

Billing and Collecting Services — Jani-King eliminates cash flow worries by ensuring you receive payment. The risk and liability of non-payment won’t fall on your shoulders.

New Account Offerings — Jani-King will help you find your legs with new accounts, based on your investment level, and is committed to assisting with growth throughout.

Buying Power — With strategic partnerships with top equipment and supply vendors in the industry, you’ll have access to both variety and value.

Field Support — Our hands-on collaborative approach means thorough start-up training and guidance when you need it during ongoing operations.

This portfolio of support allows you to implement flexible franchise scheduling and gives you options to weave in franchise management to your current life and work circumstances.

Contact Jani-King of Cleveland for more information on what you need to know to own your own franchise and start building for your own future.