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Now is a Great Time to Consider a Commercial Cleaning Franchise

More and More Workers are Re-examining Priorities and Looking to Build Something for Themselves

The Great Resignation has rocked the labor pool for many industries, but it has also opened the door for many of those quitting to ponder other career opportunities, including the decision to consider a commercial cleaning franchise as a means of future employment and business ownership.

The Great Resignation is the moniker bestowed to the 2021 phenomenon of a staggering amount of the workforce quitting their current jobs. There are many reasons for the departure from the workforce for so many people, including frustrations with compensation, difficulties in executing duties under the conditions of the pandemic, and many more. But recent surveys have also indicated that many are leaving their old jobs for more control over their lives and in pursuit of more meaningful work-life balance.

For instance, Prudential’s ‘Pulse of the American Worker Survey’ showed more than 20% of workers changed their line of work entirely over the last year, and half said the changes are likely to be permanent. Of those surveyed:

  • 27% changed job for better work-life balance
  • 26% switched for better compensation
  • 26% wanted something new

According to a survey from Indeed.com, 32% of Americans quitting their jobs are starting their own business, and ‘I want to be my own boss’ is the single biggest reason cited. They’re also following up on that desire; 60% of these new entrepreneurs used pandemic layoffs and furloughs to learn about starting and running a business.
Purchasing a franchise is the solution for many who want to be in business for themselves, while at the same time enjoying the benefits of an established system of operations, training, and a faster ramp-up than they would be able to accomplish on their own. And, of course, they get to be their own boss.

This combination of factors fits in naturally for many as they consider a commercial cleaning franchise.

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Consider Jani-King of Cleveland for Commercial Cleaning Franchise

Once you become a Jani-King franchisee, you’ll receive immediate training, support, and recognition as a business owner with one of the leading commercial cleaning franchise companies in the world.

By considering a commercial cleaning franchise with Jani-King you’ll find you’ll not only gain entry into an industry still in demand, but will do so with proven franchisor backing that includes several built-in benefits. You’ll gain a competitive advantage over less resourced services and provide better quality of service ensured by franchise standards. You’ll be able to develop stronger, more profitable, relationships due to the nature of the model as well. It will be your business, you’ll make the decisions and build your client base, but you’ll have qualified, experienced support every step of the way.

This support comes via many different avenues and channels, such as:

  • Insurance Programs — With Jani-King you’ll gain help in acquiring multiple policies to protect your investment including coverages for general liability, bonding, and workers’ compensation.
  • Billing and Collecting — The risk and liability of non-payment for services won’t fall on the franchisee’s shoulders; Jani-King ensures you receive payment on-time, every time with our support here.
  • New Account Offerings — Jani-King guarantees initial business based on your investment level, and remains committed to assisting with ongoing growth throughout.
  • Buying Power — With connections and strategic partnerships, Jani-King will make sure you have access to competitive pricing and leasing option for everything you need to implement services.
  • Field Support — Jani-King will be with you every step of the way. Our hands-on collaborative approach means start-up training, and then additional guidance whenever you need it during ongoing operations.

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Jani-King Powers Your Dreams of Business Ownership

With many workers wanting to take control of their futures by owning and operating their own business, this is an ideal time to consider a commercial cleaning franchise as a path toward creating a growing asset and eventually generational wealth.

For more than 30 years, Jani-King of Cleveland has provided cleaning franchise opportunities to driven individuals striving to secure ownership of their own business. That support, through our Franchising Program, includes ongoing updates in the industry and key benefits to help you set up a business built for success. Jani-King of Cleveland remains active in looking to establish franchise owner-operators in several communities throughout Northeast Ohio.

The franchise model fits well in these pursuits as it allows for expansion into new communities, run by local owner/operators who know the specifics of the local market but also have the support of a regional office that knows the nuts-and-bolts of how to organize and run the business.

The pandemic has led to many workers re-examining what was most important to them and how best to pursue those goals. For many, that discovery led to dreams of business ownership and the many benefits that come with it — such as the stability of a firm base to start from with a franchise model, the agency to call their own shots in many of the day-to-day aspects of running it, and potential to secure a strong financial future.

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