Discover the Benefits of Long Term Commercial Cleaning

A consistent, well-organized approach to commercial cleaning saves money, heads off potential problems, and more.

It can be tempting to view professional cleaning services as something to acquire only when absolutely necessary or for special, one-off circumstances. However, with long term commercial cleaning services and a consistent, ongoing plan, your organization will quickly realize benefits over simple short-term services.

Commercial cleaning services are best utilized as an ongoing component of quality facility management and as an investment that should deliver a return as well. To get the most out of that investment, you need the right cleaning partner to provide the customized services you need, with a track record of exceptional service and professionalism, and then you can enjoy the desired results. 

Once you find a cleaning services partner that delivers the level of service needed — and is capable of crafting a customized plan specifically tailored to your organization — it makes sense to engage with them for a long term commercial cleaning plan. It will lead to upfront cost savings for both sides and will quickly begin to pay off in consistent service that can prevent costly problems down the road. 

Commercial cleaning services offer ways to reinforce your brand’s image, address the health concerns of those working and visiting your facilities, and much more. When you extend those services with long-term planning, you open up more potential benefits and ROI for your organization as well. Let’s examine a few of those today.

From hospitals to arenas and everywhere in between. Jani-King of Cleveland services every business space imaginable.

Long Term Commercial Cleaning Delivers Value

Constant disruptions and adjusting to those disruptions have marked operations for many businesses over the past two years. From the challenges of the pandemic through the mass resignations and further labor shortages of 2021, dealing with unexpected changes has left many organizations seeking more resilience and versatility.

It’s been no different with cleaning and disinfection needs. While the ebbs and flows of the pandemic have made the need for these services clear, some organizations have tried to make do with internal teams or short-term contracts. But in the long run, these are partial fixes at best. Long term commercial cleaning offers consistency, a strong foundation for standards, and the potential for a much better ROI. Here are some of the ways extended cleaning arrangements better serve the businesses that use them.

Impress Customers

Consistent commercial cleaning improves the look, feel, and overall appearance of your facility, office, or retail setting. The benefits of clean restrooms, gleaming waiting areas, or sparkling check-in spaces are well known and make a positive impact in the perception of your brand and business in the eyes of customers. Long term commercial cleaning ensures the appearance of your business maintains a high standard and will consistently lead to better engagement and favorable brand recognition.

Convenient Service

With a long term commercial cleaning arrangement, you can ask for specialty services at regular intervals, adjust schedules more easily, and remain in the loop about every facet of the program. With a long-term contract, you can tailor the cleaning schedule for the particular needs of the business, which takes into consideration foot traffic trends, the number of visitors, seasonal changes, and more.

Problem Prevention

With regularly scheduled cleaning services, your organization avoids issues that could stem or materialize from neglect or overlooked services. Issues like mold, mildew, water damage, and more are sidestepped when consistent cleaning is conducted. Commercial cleaners also know how to do the job right the first time. This means less worry about costly mistakes that result from using the wrong products or incorrect techniques.

Save Money Long Term

A professional, vetted, commercial cleaning service provider does more than mop the floors and take out the trash. They conduct full service cleaning dictated by the needs of your business. From deep scrubbing of areas like restrooms and locker rooms, to cleaning grout and carpet and furniture cleaning, such services are instrumental in keeping your investments in office furniture and equipment up to your standards. Outsourcing long term commercial cleaning gains you access to experts in the field on a regular basis. 

With frequent check-ins, you’ll have greater control and communication, and any potential problems will be addressed before they become major issues. This is a long-term partnership that works to keep your business or facility up to code, clean, and safe.

Stay Up to Date: Jani-King updates its cleaning techniques to help your business adapt for every stage of the pandemic.

Let Jani-King of Cleveland Guide Your Long Term Commercial Cleaning

For more than three decades, Jani-King of Cleveland has used a proven franchise model and an unflinching commitment to effective and up-to-date cleaning and disinfecting tools and techniques to deliver top-end service to customers. Those capabilities, with our industry-leading experience and the Double Check system of our franchise model, offer unparalleled service and performance. We’re ideally suited to execute long term commercial cleaning plans.

Our franchise model rests on one core principle above all others. We believe that when people (owner/operator franchisees) have the pride of ownership, they will produce the quality performance customers are looking for. The concept is backed by our Double Check System; Each local franchise owner is bolstered by a Jani-King Regional Support Office. Multiple systems are in place to hone in on ensuring the services and quality your organization needs. You receive the attention and dedication you deserve from a local business owner looking to grow, and that franchise has the support of a large international brand and its resources.

That support includes education and training on strong cleaning practices, access to the proper materials, tools, and techniques, and guidelines and quality assurance measures to pull it all together. It’s the level of service we provide that has allowed Jani-King of Cleveland to build long-term relationships with many notable Northeast Ohio organizations, such as Playhouse Square and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Connect with Jani-King of Cleveland today to secure the needed services for your facility and to learn more about how long term commercial cleaning can elevate your business.

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